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Laughing Samoans at CWM

Laughing Samoans at CWM


Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea’i, known as the Laughing Samoans, visited children who have been diagnosed with cancer Saturday morning at CWM Hospital.

In partnership with WOWS Kids, a charitable organization for children living with cancer and other life threatening diseases, and Damodar Cinemas, conducting a fundraising campaign for towards WOWS efforts, the Laughing Samoans brought smiles to families in preparation for their show. They invited patients and their families to the show as well.

Supporting children with cancer has been a passion of the Laughing Samoans for years, and they continue to use their talents as a way to give back to the community. Proceeds from the event will go towards relief efforts of TC Winston. The Health Ministry thanks the Laughing Samoans and their partners for their efforts.


Emblematic Stories Launched by Assistant Health Minister

Emblematic Stories Launched by Assistant Health Minister  


The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar launched UNDP’s project “Emblematic Stories”.

“Emblematic Stories” is a project from SCEFI (Strengthening Citizen Engagement in Fiji Initiative), which over the last 3 years has promoted civic engagement, economic empowerment and natural resource management, women and youth empowerment, and the rights of the disabled and marginalized, through a series of small grants spread throughout the whole country.

Mrs Bhatnahagr expressed gratitude for the assistance the SCEFI program has provided to communities in need. “On behalf of the people of Fiji, I would like to thank UNDP and the European Union for such a constructive program. This kind of grassroots initiative is essential for improving civic engagement and empowering every Fijian. The project also supports efforts towrads mental health and wellbeing”, she said.

Mrs Bhatnagar pointed to the success of the Vuda Teen Mums Project, coordinated by Viseisei Sai Health Centre. None of the grant recipients from the project were able to attend the launch, as they had all successfully gained full-time employment.

“It’s wonderful to see the success of the Teen Mums project, and witness what a difference it has made in empowering lives and creating livelihoods”, Mrs Bhatnagar added.

Representatives for the grantees include Lionel from Youth Champs for Mental Health, Salochna from the Naari Shakti Women’s club, and Ana Maria from the Pacific Center for Peacebuilding, who shared stories of how the grants helped empower their communities.

US Navy donates equipment to strengthen mosquito survelliance

US Navy donates equipment to strengthen mosquito survelliance


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has received 10 microscopes and surveillance equipment from the US Navy to assist health staff prevent emerging preventable diseases

This equipment will be used to monitor the density and distribution of mosquitoes in the divisions and subsequently facilitate control interventions against vector-borne diseases.

Mosquito-borne diseases place a burden on health facilities, health supplies and the workforce as well as having an adverse impact on Fiji’s economy, tourism and community stability.

Mr Usamate acknowledged the US Navy for this timely donation and said that this will enable the health authorities to work more efficiently in identifying cases of mosquito-borne diseases.

“We are extremely blessed with the donations and with the technical experts who had been mentoring our team and Vector Surveillance and Control capacity development program”.

Mr Usamate added that prevailing trends suggests that cases of dengue are likely to rise, therefore urgent action is needed now for its prevention and control.