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Health Minister urges people to get screened

From Left Sahaydri Specialist Hospital DirectorPROF Mannu Munibhargav, Health Minister Jone Usamate,Durdamya Munibhargav and sports Minister Laisenia Tuitobou at CWM hospital.


Screening is very important to determine your health status and this will help you make appropriate decisions to maintain a long and healthy life.

This was revealed by the Minister for Health & Medical Services Hon Jone Usamate as he visited the CWM hospital where patients were screened for cardiology, advanced orthopaedic and oncology by the visiting medical team from India.

Fiji has recorded a rise in Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) therefore people should be aggressive in maintaining healthy lifestyles and get screened periodically to monitor their health status.

Mr Usamate said that people with such medical conditions usually present late to health facilities when they are on the end stage of the illness therefore it becomes very difficult to assist them.

“The Ministry of Health and Medical Services in conjunction with its developing partners tirelessly creates opportunities for such medical screening programs and I urge people to take advantage of such programs and get screened”, said Mr Usamate.

The Sahaydri speciality hospitals (Fiji) in partnership with Ministry of health facilitated a team of specialists from India to provide free medical screenings at various health facilities in Fiji this week.

Health Minister welcomes visiting Cultural Group

Health Minister welcomes visiting Cultural GroupUntitled

Health Minister Jone Usamate present a gift to the lead vocalist of the Indian Cultural Group Mr Sanjeev Abahykar

The Minister for Health & Medical Services Hon. Jone Usamate officially welcomed the Indian Cultural group who are in the country to perform Indian classical cultural programs.

Speaking to the audience at the event Mr Usamate said such cultural shows are very important to make people realize the need to preserve their culture and identity.

“The cultural show tonight will benefit all of us as we value our cultures and traditions alike and it is important that we hold them on top as they remind us of our cherished values”, said Mr Usamate.

He further said that the danger of losing our culture is inevitable if we do not continue to fertilize our culture into our lives and our families.

Meanwhile the accompanying medical team consisting of super specialists on cardiology, advanced orthopedic and oncology from Devyani Hospital in India have completed the screenings in Savusavu, Suva and Labasa.




Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon. Jone Usamate reminded nurses of the value of their roles and services provided to the public.

This was highlighted during the Fiji College of Nursing 4th Annual General meeting in Suva today.

“Nurses are the backbone of the Ministry of Health & Medical Services and the Nursing Training Institutions including the stakeholders and donor agencies have contributed to the professional development of Fijian nurses,” Minister Usamate said.

“The Ministry is now rolling out the Civil Service Reform which the Fijian Government has placed as a priority on its agenda. It is an element of the modernization of our country. I trust that you will embrace the settings of change.”

Around 60 nurses from around the country attended the AGM and Minister Usamate is adamant that through this meetings nurses will be able to improve in their roles to serve all Fijians.