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World Cancer Day: Cancer Screening is important

World Cancer Day: Cancer Screening is important

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The Ministry of Health & Medical Services encourages the public to get screened for cancer, as it can be treatable and preventable if detected early.

This message was reiterated on February 4th as it marks World Cancer Day with the theme, “We can. I can. Prevent Cancer”.

The Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate said that people must understand that cancer can be treated if detected early, and this can only happen through cancer screenings.

“Health screenings must be a priority for every individual. It is important that you do not wait to fall sick to get screened, be it for your overall health or cancer screening. Even if you feel well it is important to get screened regularly. Some cancers do not show signs or symptoms,” Mr Usamate said.

Women between the ages of 30-50 are encouraged to get screened for cervical cancer every 3 years. Women of any age should do breast self-examinations regularly and if any abnormalities are found, visit a doctor. These screenings are offered at the divisional hospitals and health facilities, which can be contacted for more information. Men above the age of 40 years old are also encouraged to get screened for prostate cancer

Family Health Month

February marks Family Health Month on the Ministry of Health & Medical Services Calendar.

Do you think about keeping your family healthy? The Ministry provides 5 services to help keep your loved ones well!

This week we will look at service #1: Child Health


During pregnancy, prepare well with early bookings in the first three months of pregnancy. Ok, baby is here! As your child grows, you can help them thrive with checkups, immunizations, and a proper diet. Your health care worker can provide the best possible services, as all of Fiji’s child health clinics are certified as baby friendly, and can answer any questions you may have.


Stay tuned for tips on how to maximize the total well being of yourself and your family. Your family’s health is your family’s wealth. baby