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Health: Register or renewal required for wholesalers, retailers of tobacco products and suki vendors

Health: Register or renewal required for wholesalers, retailers of tobacco products and suki vendors

suki vendors

The registration of new tobacco retailers/suki vendors or renewal of current tobacco retailer/suki vendor registration certificates is currently effective from the 1st of December 2015 at the Tobacco Control Enforcement Unit [TCEU] office at the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and all Rural Local Authority/Health Offices.

All tobacco product retailers will be levied a registration fee on new or renewed applications as stipulated under Schedule 5 of the Tobacco Control Regulations 2012.

Tobacco and suki vendors must make all efforts to visit the nearest health office in the central, western and northern division. The Tobacco Control Team will be present to do a mass registration and licensing campaign and the certificates will be issued on site.

Place Date
Western Division
Sigatoka Health Office 11/01/16
Nadi Health Office 12/01/16
Lautoka Health Office 13/01/16
Ba Health Office 14/01/16
Tavua Health Office 15/01/16
Rakiraki Health Office 18/01/16
Central Division
Korovou Health Office 19/01/16
Nausori Health Office 20/01/16
Navua Health Office 21/01/16
Suva – Level 3 Namosi House 22/01/16
Northern Division
Labasa Health Office 27/01/16
Nabuwalu Health Office 28/01/16
Savusavu Health Office 29/01/16


Failure to obtain a registration certificate to sell tobacco products or suki by the 31st of January 2016 is an offence and may incur a penalty of up to $5,000.00. Therefore, any retailer that sells tobacco products without a valid certificate on the 1st of February 2016 is committing an offence and will be subjected to court proceedings.

The Health Ministry once again reminds all tobacco products and suki vendors to register or renew and can contact the Tobacco Control Enforcement Unit (Central) Level 3, Namosi House, Amy Street, Toorak Suva on Ph: 3314988 for more information.










Young children to be immunized with IPV Vaccine



Young children to be immunized with IPV Vaccine


The Ministry of Health & Medical Services has introduced the Inactivated Polio Vaccine

(IPV) into the routine immunization program in Fiji to protect young children from Polio, a

potentially fatal infectious disease.

Through this, the Fiji Government joins the world in eradicating the Polio virus and ensuring

that children live in a world free of paralysis due to polioviruses.

Poliovirus invades the nervous system and can cause crippling paralysis, sometimes in a

matter of hours, and the best way to prevent it is by immunizing every child.

While launching the program, the Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone

Usamate said that although the last clinically confirmed case of polio was in 1962, the health

system has been doing fairly well in the immunization of children which now stands at 95%.

“Fiji has been using oral polio vaccine in the routine immunization since around 1963. At

present four doses of oral vaccine are being given to infants at 6, 10, 14 weeks and the fourth

dose at 18 months”, said Mr Usamate.

He further added that the Fiji Government remains committed to providing the highest

quality of health services to the people of Fiji.

Mr Usamate also acknowledged the support from the technical and donor partners such as

WHO, UNICEF and the Australian Government for continuously supporting the

immunization program in Fiji.

The World Health Organization designed a new strategy in 2012 to eradicate polio

worldwide, and the declining number of cases indicates that the “polio endgame” strategy

might be achieved in the not too distant future.



The Ministry of Health, Fiji, wishes to advise that open heart surgery (CABG) will be performed in CWM Hospital ,Suva. Details are as below:

  1. Screening of patients …………….. Free from 4.2.016 to 12.2.2016
  2. Angiogram from 4.2.2016 to 20.2.2016
  3. CABG from 14.2.2016 to 26.2.2016


Medical procedures are performed under Joint Venture agreement between the Ministry of Health & Medical Services and Sahyadri Speciality Pacific Hospitals Limited (SSPHL) Fiji, estimated costs are as follows:

Disease Treatment Non Insurance patients ( Fiji Residents) Insurance Patients( Fiji Residents)
1) A. Cardiology
·       CABG $20,000-$25,000 plus VAT $24,400-$30,500 plus VAT



We wish to advise that the Ministry is willing to accommodate referrals from all General Practitioners, Hospital, health centres and Insurance companies, etc.


For further enquiries please contact the following personnel during official hours from Monday to Thursday 8.00a.m to 4.30 p.m Friday from 8.00a.m to 4.00 p.m:

  1. Mrs Manjula W. Lal – Ministry of Health, PH -8905025, 3306177(Ext 340165)


We look forward to assisting our citizens in the provision of these specialized services.