Health: Capital projects in progress

Health: Capital projects in progress

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In order to improve health service delivery in the country, the Ministry of Health & Medical Services has made much progress with its capital projects, in particular regarding health facilities.

The Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate visited the new Naulu Health Center and Makoi low-risk maternity unit sites today.

Mr Usamate said “These two projects have commenced and I am glad to see them earmarked to finish this year. Makoi low-risk maternity unit is scheduled to be completed in September, and Naulu Health Center in December”.

“These areas are some of the most densely populated areas in the country, and proper access to health facilities for people living in these areas is important”.

The upcoming 10 bed Makoi low-risk maternity unit will assist in relieving Nausori Health Center and CWM as it will cater for the population in that area.

Naulu Health Center will be an A-grade facility and a bigger health facility inclusive of dentistry, an x-ray department, clinics and so forth.

Mr Usamate also visited Valelevu Health Center to discuss the potential of expanding it. “We are looking at extending Valelevu Health Center to make it more like a hospital. The population here is high so we need to be able to provide efficient services to the people”.

The Naulu Health Center project is estimated to cost $4,110,416.87 while Makoi low-risk maternity unit is around $6,082,893.24.

Meanwhile, other major constructions for the Health Ministry include the new Ba and Nausori Hospitals.

Nausori Health Center service delivery to improve

Nausori Health Center service delivery to improve


Assistant Minister for Health Mrs Veena Bhatnagar with staff at the Wainibokasi Hospital.

The Health Ministry continues to work strategically to improve health service delivery at facilities around the country and Nausori Health Center is an example of this.

A nursing practitioner has been appointed alongside a medical officer at the Nausori Health Center. These new appointments will provide relief to health staff and contribute towards reducing patient waiting time.

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health & Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatanager visited the Nausori Health Center yesterday and has commended this initiative.

“It has been noted that there is an influx of patients in the afternoon, particularly as neighbouring health centers close at 4.30pm and only cater for emergency cases so patients visits the Nausori Health Center instead for medical attention.

“The nursing practitioner will be able to complement the work of the medical officer who apart from attending general outpatients also attends to emergency cases after hours, hence long waiting times can occur”.

Mrs Bhatnagar said that much progress and work is being made towards strengthening and improving health services around the country and these initiatives are no doubt a catalyst to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health further added that more frequent visits will be made to health facilities around the country to ensure that patients are given the utmost care and staff are motivated and encouraged to uplift their performance.

Mrs Bhatnagar also thanked the staff for their dedicated service to the people and reminded them of the need to be more customer focused.

Meanwhile, the construction of the new Nausori hospital is expected to commence later this year and will be completed by 2018.

Health facility construction work on schedule in the west

Health facility construction work on schedule in the west


Mr Usamate in discussion at the New Ba Hospital Site

The new accident and emergency department at the Lautoka Hospital is expected to be completed and will be fully operational by March this year.

This was confirmed to the Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate by the construction company during his recent visit to the hospital.

Mr Usamate was impressed with the progress made and has commended work done so far as it is on par and can be compared with renowned hospitals around the globe.

The Health Ministry has now focused its attention towards the provision of quality health care services and as such would like to have in place proper structures and adequate staff to provide efficient health care services.

Mr Usamate also visited the Ba Hospital construction site to see its progress and has been advised by the contractors that this project will be completed within the scheduled timeframe.