Mental Health services highlighted at GP conference.

Mental Health services highlighted at GP’s conference.


Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate speaking to the General Practitioners (GPs).

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr. Jone Usamate welcomed the initiative of addressing mental health issues as the objective of the Fiji college of General Practitioners annual conference this year.

This advances the mission of the Health Ministry in assisting people to achieve their full health potential through the provision of preventative, curative and rehabilitative services.

Minister Usamate told delegates that the health ministry has been exploring effective means to collaborate with all stakeholders in the provision of a comprehensive mental health service.

To this effect, Mr. Usamate said that the National Mental Health Strategic Plan 2012-2016 has been aligned to the WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action plan 2013-2020.

“Ministry of Health and Medical Services will continue to monitor, evaluate and review crucial laws, policies and regulations to ensure codes of practice and collaboration with mental health stakeholders is well advanced in Fiji,” Mr. Usamate said.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health has introduced stress management wards in divisional hospitals and plans are formulated to introduce such services in the sub-divisional wards, with the training of the public health staff in the mhGap by the end of 2016.

Mr. Usamate also said that the GPs could be involved in the provision of health services in their sub-division to further enhance healthcare for the people.

July NCD Screening month

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services is launching its annual Non-Communicable Disease screening month on Friday July 1. Even if you feel well, screening for NCDs like diabetes is the best way to find these diseases while they are easy to treat, before they become worse. Don’t delay, get checked today at your nearest helath facility!

NCD launch

Medical Bus on the Road

Medical Bus on the Road


Wellness Bus conducting screenings in Dreketi with school kids watching WASH demo

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services, supported by UNICEF and the Australian Government, were sponsors of the FBC Roadshow Northern 26-28th May.

This was the first time the Health Ministry teamed with FBC Roadshow to bring messages and services to the community in an interactive way. With the lasting partnership of Colgate-Palmolive, Handy the Hand Washing Octopus made an appearance and distributed over 800 bars of soap.

Post Cyclone Winston, improper hygiene has posed a threat to public health, being a factor that spreads the flu, typhoid, diarrhea, and other communicable illnesses.

The health focus was to alert people on the importance of hand washing, provide demonstrations, and give supplies to assist. Meanwhile, provide health screenings in remote areas and townships.

The Wellness Bus traveled through Nabouwalu, Dreketi, Savusavu, Seqaqa and Labasa, conducting Wellness screenings for 225 people, with a committed Wellness Team from Labasa. Other Ministry representatives went with the FBC team to 9 communities per day with soap, key messages, and items, leading up to the Bata Ni Tanoa Concert on Saturday 28th May.