Mr Usamate visits Health Facilities in the North

Mr Usamate visits Health Facilities in the North


The Hon. Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate this week visited health facilities in the North, particularly in rural areas including Nakorovatu Health Centre, Kubulau Nursing Station, Wainunu Health Centre and Nabouwalu Hospital.

The above health facilities had sustained damage during TC Winston, and this was an opportunity to review the current provision of health services after rehabilitation work was conducted by the Government.

On the visit Mr Usamate was informed that the quick response from the government and donor agencies has helped to reshape the health centres, and although minor issues persist, the Ministry continues to explore various means to address them.

While meeting the staff and patients, Mr Usamate reassured them that the Ministry will look at the shortcomings, and that it had been working tirelessly with the available resources to address concerns.

“We are constantly monitoring the provision of the health services around the country and we will certainly work closely with the respective departments to normalize the services at these health facilities,” Mr Usamate said.

He also thanked the staff for doing their best to provide health care services for the benefit of the society as a whole.

New degree program for nurses

New degree program for nurses


The introduction of the new nursing science degree program is yet another milestone achievement for the nursing fraternity in Fiji.

This was revealed by the Hon. Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate at the launch of the new curriculum at the TISI Sangam school of Nursing in Labasa.

Nurses in Fiji will now acquire a three year degree, compared to the diploma program that was offered at the Sangam School of Nursing and the Fiji National University prior to the introduction of the course at degree level.

Mr Usamate said this will increase the competency and skills of nurses enabling them to broaden their career prospects.

“In line with upgrading the skills and competencies of nurses, the Ministry has been looking at developing specialized nurses and I am sure that through this program that will be accomplished”, Mr Usamate said.

Mr Usamate also emphasized that upgrading nurses’ qualifications remains a priority of the Ministry.

The Chairman of the Acedemic Board of the TISI Sangam School Mr Amraiya Naidu said that they had been working toward this program since 2014.

“It took a lot of consultations and preparatory work to introduce degree-level courses, and I am glad that due to such vigilant planning since 2014, we have been able to facilitate such a program.” Mr Naidu added.

Meanwhile, college director Eleni Kata said more than 60 nurses had already enrolled in the program and were expected to graduate next year.