Health Minister – Encourages staff to Step up Performance

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete reminded the health staff that quality and efficient healthcare services should be the priority of the Ministry.

He issued this challenge to the staff members of the Ministry as he met them at health headquarters to brief them on the new initiatives that the Health Ministry will now embark on to provide a robust healthcare service delivery.

Dr Waqainabete highlighted that his very first concern is the provision of comfortable workstations for the staff so that they can discharge their duties diligently and efficiently.

“As senior managers of the Ministry you must ensure that the health facilities are maintained and resourced well that attract people to choose the  health department as their first choice of work”, he said.

Minister Waqainabete also directed the health staff to further strengthen the health services as a way forward to address the needs of the people.

“While I acknowledge your hard work, I want to remind you that you should be very professional with your work which will eventually meet the expectation of the patients as they look upon us one of the best service provider.

The Health Ministry has envisioned a major uplift in the health service provision with more staff positions to be created to increase the doctors/nurses patient ratio to international accepted levels and better and fully resourced health facilities for quick and easy medical services accessibility.

The Ministry will also be working with its stake holders for the timely promotional and awareness campaigns to be further enhanced to instill behavioural lifestyle changes in the people to minimize the risk of diseases and people live healthier lives.



Issued: 17/10/2018


In response to misleading media reports, the Health Ministry would like to clarify that the Zika virus disease is currently not a public health threat in Fiji. The Ministry conducts regular surveillance, which includes laboratory testing, for Zika virus disease in Fiji with confirmatory testing done in the country at the National Public Health Laboratory. In 2017, there was one confirmed case detected. However, there has never been a reported case of Zika virus disease related complications in pregnancy (e.g. microcephaly) in Fiji. The Ministry continues to be vigilant in our surveillance for Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases. We continue to encourage all Fijians and visitors to protect themselves from mosquito bites, which includes using DEET containing mosquito repellant.