Customer Care Helpline

Concerns and complaints regarding the health services faced by ordinary Fijians can now be raised through an initiative developed through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services with the support of Ministry of Civil Service. The Health’s Customer Care toll free line 157 was officially launched last week by the Minister for Health and Medical Services, Hon. Rosy Akbar.
During the launch, Minister Akbar highlighted that, “Never before in our history have we had a service available such as this to communicate directly with the Fijian people – to work with them to make Fiji a better, healthier place. And this announcement is part of a long line of achievement that has made this government – under the leadership of our Honourable Prime Minister – the most responsive and responsible government in Fijian history. When we open this customer care centre, we will give our patients and their families a 24/7 direct line to staff who can receive their feedback, take suggestions or pass on their praise or criticism back to their care-providers.
“The call centre is advertised in every health facility in the country, and day or night, on number 157 or by e-mail, we will be ready to hear you out and act on what you’ve had to say. All concerns raised will be meticulously recorded and genuine issues will be investigated. And within 24 hours, or by the next working day, we will follow up with callers to alert them on the status of their comment or complaint.
“This is not a line that will handle emergencies. In those situations, the proper authorities should be contacted at 911 or 910. This line is here to take feedback. For example, if you are a patient or the family member of someone admitted to a hospital and you are not satisfied with the treatment or service you are receiving, you can call this centre and provide details of where and when the issue arose and we will begin an investigation.
“Of course, if a staff member has been especially helpful as well, we’d love to hear from you. And we’ll store all of our customer’s experiences in a confidential registry that will give us invaluable data to do an even better job of meeting the health needs of the Fijian people,” Minister Akbar elaborated.
Minister Akbar said that this new platform will take Fiji’s health services to a higher level.