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Health Facilities Open and Emergency Operations Center Activated

Written By: Evlyn Mani


The Ministry of Health is advising that health facilities will remain open where possible during the current adverse weather conditions being experienced in certain parts of the country.

This includes the activation of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) where health officials at the Health Headquarters are working on eight hour shifts today with a further review of this tomorrow morning.

However, Navua Hospital will be open for emergency cases only with a temporary clinic set up on the second floor of the hospital and manned by health officials on a 12 hour shift.

Staff from the hospital had earlier relocated equipment from the bottom floor before it experienced flooding.

The Health Ministry said contingency plans have been activated at hospitals, sub divisional hospitals and health centers within the central, eastern and northern division.

The public can contact the Health Ministry’s Command Center on 3215823/3544228.



Pacific Islands Health Research Symposium 2014

Theme: Broadening the Horizons in Health Research
Date: 28-29th August 2014, Suva; Fiji Islands
Call for Registration & Abstracts now open
Closing Date for Abstracts: Monday 30th June 8:00am (Fiji Time)

The Pacific Islands Health Research Symposium aspires to become an avenue that encourages Pacific Health Researchers to share their research findings in a collegiate and supportive environment.

The PIHRS recognizes that there are excellent health research initiatives being conducted the Pacific that often lack a forum in which they are appropriately presented.

If you have undertaken health research in any of the broad topics listed below, please consider submitting an abstract as a presenter or join us as a symposium participant. Abstracts may fall under these categories but are not limited to:

Climate Change & Health
Globalization & Health
Health Systems
Interventions for reducing Disease Burdens
Infectious Diseases
Public Health Policy
Social Determinants of Health
Culture & Health
Health Equity & Governance
Health & Law
Non-communicable Diseases
Research Systems (including Governance and Bioethics)
Trade & Health

Contact: PIHRS@fnu.ac.fj for more information
Website: http://www.pacifichealthvoices.org/pacific-islands-health-research-symposium


The Health Ministry has noted that there is a downward trend in the real time statistics for dengue cases.

It has been a month since the since the intersectoral cleanup campaign took off and apart from this a lot of advocacy, awareness, prevention and precaution for dengue had been highlighted through the media continuously.

Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma said, “The story does not end here and the onus is now on individuals to take charge of their environment. People have to understand the environmental aspect effective on public health”.

“The dengue outbreak is a result of climate change and how we keep our environment”, Dr Sharma added.
It is important to also realize that climate change is also a contributor towards the continuation of dengue cases.

The Health Minister also urges municipalities and Fiji Roads Authority to constantly monitor drainage particularly in densely populated areas.

Waste management is an area that needs to be re looked at and improved especially in densely populated areas such as squatter settlements and housing areas.

The public is also urged not to dispose of rubbish irresponsibly as this leads to drain blockages allowing water to become stagnant, providing dengue mosquito a breeding ground.

“People must realize that the cleanliness of oneself and the environment is crucial as it is all linked to health”, said Dr Sharma.

Public health can be improved by looking after the environment and by cleanliness and hygiene practices.

Meanwhile, Dr Sharma also thanked the Fiji Government and Government ministries for their efforts during the cleanup campaign in the fight against dengue.

The Health Ministry is also grateful to the support received from donor agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Fiji Health Sector Support Program (FHSSP), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australian Government, UNICEF, Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Government of China.