Vision: A Healthy population in Fiji that is driven by a caring health care delivery system. Mission: To provide a high quality health care delivery services by a caring and committed workforce working with strategic partners through good governance, appropriate technology and appropriate risk management facilitating a focus on patient safety and best health status for the citizens of Fiji.


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Dengue Fever in Suva - Travellers Notice

The Ministry of Health has declared a Dengue Outbreak in the Central Division particularly in Suva, with an unusual increase in dengue like cases presenting at its health facilities and admitted to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.  Dengue Fever is endemic in Fiji, meaning it occurs regularly within our population. However, when there are more cases than normally seen, it is considered an outbreak.

Ministry of Health Fiji launches Fiji Health Research Portal

To maximize accountability, efficiency, and transparency in health research, the Fiji Ministry of Health, and Fiji National University through its College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences have collaboratively introduced an integrated online research management system called Fiji Health Research Portal. WHO supported the development of the system.

Health: Fight against dengue shows positive results

The Health Ministry has noted that there is a downward trend in the real time statistics for dengue cases. 

Health: Committed to improve primary, secondary and tertiary health care

“Partnership in delivering healthcare remains paramount. Addressing the social determinants of health, wealth and prosperity results in living life in productive ways” 


In the effort to reduce the high incidence of Non-Communicable Diseases in Fiji, the Health Ministry in partnership with Westpac Bank is promoting “Move for Health Walk” which is an annual event. 


The Ministry of Health is urging municipal councils across the country to prioritise Government’s concerns on dengue fever.  


The Ministry of Health is carrying out an extensive clean-up campaign in various parts of the country as part of efforts to avoid water-borne diseases.

Health Facilities Open and Emergency Operations Center Activated

The Ministry of Health is advising that health facilities will remain open where possible during the current adverse weather conditions being experienced in certain parts of the country.


Ministry of Health Christmas hamper

Dr Neil Sharma offered his sympathies and prayers to American Citizens on the East Coast who have suffered major distress with Hurricane “Sandy”.

Dr Neil Sharma highlighted Fiji’s close relationship with the US Peace Corp organisation for several decades.

The changing political climate sees the return of the Peace Corps 89 – Fiji Group to Fiji and to the delight of the Ministry of Health the Peace Corp volunteers will be absorbed into public health area of Non Communicable Diseases and Maternal Child Health specifically.

Mystery illness identified

There are a few viruses that can cause hand, foot and mouth disease in humans and they are not the same viruses that cause foot (hoof) and mouth in animals. The virus identified from the laboratory results is Coxsackie virus A6 which typically causes a mild illness with nearly all patients recovering in 7–10 days without medical treatment. So far almost all children seen in these Suva clinics were sent home with treatment.

Rotarians donate pregnancy packs

The packs include baby wipes, diapers, baby cream, baby soap and baby powder amongst other things.

Meanwhile, births at the CWM Hospital shot to an all time high in March.

Sigatoka Mortuary Incident

THE Ministry of Health is conducting an internal investigation on circumstances surrounding the release of the wrong body from the Sigatoka Hospital mortuary earlier this week.

Health staff get service reminder

ALL Ministry of Health staff have been reminded about office hours, punctuality and attendance in a circular sent to department heads by the Permanent Secretary, Dr Sala Saketa.
The circular basically covers the three major areas as part of the ministry’s move towards customer focus in 2010.

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