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How can you help someone with cancer - Peer Connections

After months and months of fighting, health care reform is a done deal, at least for now. Now I want to get back to things that you can do to help others with cancer as well as help yourself.

Peer connections are a big and relatively easy way that you can help someone who is just starting on a path that you've been down. Some of these groups are small, others much larger and more formalized.

The Lineberger Cancer Center, part of the UNC Chapel Hill Center has a program called Cornucopia. Cornucopia offers lots of different services but right now they are looking for volunteers willing to be part of their Peer Connect Program. This confidential peer support program that connects anyone touched by cancer with another person whose experiences with cancer are similar. Volunteers receive training through the program and a training group is scheduled to begin in April. If you'd like to help or just learn more about Peer Connect please call 919-401-9333 or e-mail
Women of Hope in Wilmington, NC are looking to recruit participants for their Hope to Hugs mentoring groups. This program is designed to connect women who are newly diagnosed with any type of cancer to a peer mentor who is a survivor of a similar cancer, who is similar in age, and who is in a similar stage of life.  
When a new cancer patient requests a mentor, the Women of Hope organization will facilitate a match.  Mentoring groups will be one-on-one, confidential, and free of charge.  If you'd like to be a mentor contact the Women of Hope organization in Wilmington, N.C. by e-mail at

These are two of hundreds of peer support programs that are out there. If you know of one in your area please share the information in the comments section.

Comments (5)

Said this on 25/05/2010 At 07:41 pm

This is a huge blessing to cancer patients !  It will really help, counselling adds a lot !!

Said this on 12/08/2010 At 07:40 pm

I think peer connections program (a survivor vs a victim) is very good.Life sharing &  understanding.THANX DOC....

Said this on 22/11/2010 At 10:46 am

Thank you very much Doc, it is a blessings since we are also facing this deadly disease in our country.


Said this on 20/04/2011 At 07:04 pm

Sounds great to me BWHTDIK

Said this on 17/12/2012 At 09:35 pm
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