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Pacific Health Minister’s Meeting 2015

Pacific Health Minister’s Meeting

       15th- 17th April 2015


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Event Date:  15th-17th April 2015

Venue: Yanuca Island (Shangri la Fijian Resort)

About the Event:

The Eleventh Pacific Health Ministers meeting will be held from 15-17 April, 2015. This is a historical event as the first meeting took place in Yanuca, Fiji on March 1995 and 20 years later, the journey has taken us back to Fiji with the Healthy Islands still as the overarching vision.

The first Ministerial Conference on Health for the Pacific Island Countries was convened in Yanuca, Fiji, on 6-10 March 1995 in response to rapidly changing social and economic conditions affecting the quality of life and health in the Pacific. The meeting adopted the concept of ‘Healthy Islands” as the unifying theme for health promotion and health protection.

After the first meeting, nine subsequent biennial meetings of Ministers of Health for the Pacific Island Countries were convened in the ensuing years, with the last taking place in Apia, Samoa in July 2013.

The last two meeting in Honiara and Apia have seen a remarkable shift to the agenda planning, responding to suggestions that the process be more participatory and the host government to be leading the process. The meeting noted the willingness of the Government of Fiji to host and lead the next Pacific Health Ministers Meeting in 2015.