Vision: A Healthy population in Fiji that is driven by a caring health care delivery system. Mission: To provide a high quality health care delivery services by a caring and committed workforce working with strategic partners through good governance, appropriate technology and appropriate risk management facilitating a focus on patient safety and best health status for the citizens of Fiji.

Reports & Plans

 Annual Reports
Annual Report 2013
 View.png   Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012
 View.png   Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011
 View.png   Annual Report 2011
Annual Report 2010  View.png  pdf.png
Annual Report 2009
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Annual Report 2008
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Annual Report 2007
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Annual Report 2006
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Annual Report 2005  View.png  pdf.png
Corporate Plan
Corporate Plan 2014
 View.png  pdf.png
Corporate Plan 2013
 View.png  pdf.png
Corporate Plan 2012
 View.png  pdf.png
Corporate Plan 2011
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Corporate Plan 2010  View.png  pdf.png
Corporate Plan 2009
 View.png  pdf.png
Corporate Plan 2008
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Child Health Policy and Strategy 2012-2015  View.png  pdf.png
Strategic Plan 2011-2015  View.png  pdf.png
Fiji Health Accounts 2011-2012 View.png pdf.png
Fiji Health Accounts 2009-2010  View.png  pdf.png
Fiji Health Accounts 2007-2008  View.png  pdf.png