How Can I tell if My Child Has Rheumatic Fever?

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There are several symptoms with Rheumatic Fever. Your child may display many of the symptoms, or just one.
Symptoms can include:

• sore or swollen joints (knees, elbows, ankles, shoulders and wrists)
• skin rash, or spots on the skin
• painless lumps under the skin (over bony parts)
• fever
• tiredness
• jerky or uncontrolled movements, worsening writing or dropping things (chorea)
• shortness of breath
• chest pain (in severe RHD)

In around 40-60 % of cases, Rheumatic Fever causes damage to the heart valves. Though most symptoms of Rheumatic Fever will get better, any damage to the heart will be long-term and may worsen with further attacks of Rheumatic Fever.