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Said this on 28/07/2013 At 03:47 pm
Are you prepared to go for mothns with only brief access to TV and Internet *shudders*To be fair, your Western lifestyle will quickly be forgotten as you become the Kung Foo Goatee Bearded Master! Hadoken, Hadoken, Tatsomakisianpiakuu, Swordyuriquaaa!!!! You Win!
Said this on 19/12/2013 At 07:47 am

sir I visited your suva diabetics centre  they took my weight ,pressure blood test but refused to make file as I donot have any previous records as I hardly visit doctors for checkups , May be onec in year to different private docters , they asked me to get records  what shall I do , since i strtongly controll my diabetes and stay of metformine $ other herbal products.  kumar

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