Vision: A Healthy population in Fiji that is driven by a caring health care delivery system. Mission: To provide a high quality health care delivery services by a caring and committed workforce working with strategic partners through good governance, appropriate technology and appropriate risk management facilitating a focus on patient safety and best health status for the citizens of Fiji.

Terms of Reference

The powers, duties and functions of the Fiji National Research Ethics Review Committee are:

  • To serve as Fiji’s primary vehicle dealing with the technical and ethical review process for all research proposals and projects involving human or animal subjects
  • To examine any research proposal or project submitted or otherwise referred to it to ensure that it meets acceptable technical and ethical standards, in particular, determining:
  1. The likelihood that the research may result in physical or psychological harm, or involve other defined risks
  2. The adequacy of provisions for preventing the occurrence of physical or psychological harm, or other defined risks, and
  3. The adequacy of provisions for securing the informed consent of those involved
    • To consider whether it is desirable to monitor any aspect of a proposal itself, and in particular the process of securing informed consent, or to  monitor any aspect of the project on an ongoing basis; and if I is desirable, insuring that adequate provision is made for such monitoring
    • To review policies, procedures for expedited review and designating those types of proposals or projects suitable for such review
    • To examine any course –based situations that may involve research on human or animal subjects as a component of the teaching process and ensuring in such cases that:
      1. All ethical considerations normally applied to research proposals or projects that have no direct teaching objectives are observed
      2. Course outlines provide ample notice to students that maybe expected to participate as subjects or as researchers
        • To respond to any ethical issues brought up by the National Health Research Committee.