Health Ministry continues to address diabetes

Non Governmental Organizations and business houses have rallied behind the Ministry of Health & Medical Services to address the increasing cases of diabetes in the country.


Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon. Jone Usamate listening to presentations at the congress.

This was confirmed at the Diabetes/Wellness Congress held in Lami last week.

Diabetes and NCDs in Fiji have been on the increase and are almost reaching epidemic levels, with one amputation every twelve hours, which is of great concern to medical professionals and the public alike.

The Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate officiating at the congress said that while Government through the Ministry of Health is doing its best to tackle this overwhelming problem, it cannot do it alone.

“We need your support and your novel ideas to tackle the issue together but we must carry them out in an orderly manner”, said Mr Usamate.

“ I understand that this congress is to help organize your well-meaning but isolated activities into a coherent establishment that will allow us all to deliver the much-needed services more efficiently “ he added.

Meanwhile, Diabetes Fiji has been tirelessly assisting patients though its clinical services and public awareness.

1. Second Joint Working Group Meeting aims to strengthen health service delivery

The Second Joint Working Group meeting between the Ministry of Health & Medical Services and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare India convened today in Suva at the Grand Pacific Hotel.


A delegation from the Government of India led by the Joint Secretary for Health & Family Welfare Ms Dharitri Panda was welcomed to Fiji by Acting Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jioji Konrote.

Mr Konrote said, “The meeting marks another milestone in our country’s bilateral relations as our officials meet once again to evaluate and deliberate on mutual interests which are covered in the Memorandum of Agreement signed in 2005”.

The Joint Secretary for Health & Family Welfare India, Ms Dharitri Panda said that this meeting will also progress and follow up on the various actions that have been taken since the agreement and to retain more new areas of cooperation in the field of health and medicine.

The Acting Hon. Minister for Health & Medical Services Mr Jioji Konrote thanked the Indian delegation for the support and assistance as the outcome will benefit all Fijians in terms of health service delivery.



The Ministry of Health wishes to advise that a Specialist Team from the Sahyadri Hospitals will be conducting angiogram advanced cardiology Surgery (CABG) in CWM Hospital from the following dates;

The range of these surgeries will include:


  1. Angiogram -3.08.2015-14.08.2015
  2. 10.08.2015-25.08.2015


As this is a Private–Public Partnership between the Ministry and the Sahyadri Hospitals, estimated costs of the services are as follows:

Disease Treatment Non Insurance patients ( Fiji Residents) Insurance Patients

( Fiji Residents)

1) A. Cardiology    
·       CABG $20,000-$25,000 plus VAT $24,400-$30,500 plus VAT



We therefore wish to advise that the Ministry is willing to accommodate referrals from all General Practitioners, Hospital, health centres and Insurance companies.


For further enquiries please contact the following personnel during official hours from Monday to Thursday 8.00a.m to 4.30 p.m Friday from 8.00a.m to 4.00 p.m:


  1. Mrs Manjula W. Lal – Ministry of Health, PH -8905025, 3306177(Ext 340165)