Health Ministry will further strengthen health services.


New strategies to deliver improved and efficient health services to all Fijians must be implemented and as such appropriate planning needs to be adopted.
This was the challenge laid down by the Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete while addressing the Senior Managers of the Ministry at Holiday Inn.
He further said that health services continues to demand for innovative ideas to address patient needs therefore a vibrant and robust health system needs to be established to counter such calls.
“What we did in the past is okay, it worked but there is a call for change now and we need to change strategically to quickly capture the expectations of the society and deliver accordingly,” said Dr Waqainabete.
The two days meet is expected to assist and motivate Senior Managers to act on their vision (Leadership, Change, and Continuing Profession Development) to encourage and help them to see their weakness and overcome the obstacles to pursue the Ministry’s vision of “A health population”.
One of the other issues raised was the call for professional development to ensure the staff is competent in their profession.
This will enhance their knowledge and continue to make meaningful contribution to the team to be more effective in the workplace.