Health Minister Dr Waqainabete opens new water project in Naitasiri.

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete officially opened the new water project at the Nabaitavo village in Naitasiri last Saturday which has brought much relief to the villages to access safe and clean water.

This project was initiated as the people in the Nabaitavo village were exposed to the outbreak of typhoid disease few weeks ago and the need for the installation of water tanks and water seal toilets for the village became inevitable.

The joint effort between the community and Central Division health team of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services together with Ministry of Rural Development and the Itaukei Affairs has been instrumental as the disease has been contained and the risk of further emergence of the disease in minimized.

Hon. Waqainabete while conveying his appreciation to the villages for their hard work, also welcomed the commitment of the health officials who have worked tirelessly for the timely completion of the much needed water accessibility to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in the village.

“This is great contribution from the community and I am proud of the health officials for being available during the festive season to successfully complete the project”, Dr Waqainabete said.

Typhoid is a water borne disease therefore access to safe and clean water should remain priority for the people and the Health Ministry will make every effort with its development partners to address such issues.

Furthermore Minister Waqainabete during the Talanoa Session advised the villagers to prioritise and practice healthy lifestyle behaviors that will eventually reduce the burden of diseases and patients should visit the health facilities early to allow immediate diagnosis and treatment which will reduce the complications and the negative impact of the diseases.