Health Minister Recommends Independent Research Ethics Committee


 Media release

Health Minister Recommends Independent Research Ethics Committee.

Participants at the Fiji National Human Research Ethics meeting.

Health Minister Dr Iferemi Waqainabete says that researchers will be more credible if it is been reviewed by an independent research review and ethics committee.

This was revealed at the National Consultation on Governance for the National Human Research Ethics in Fiji.

He also called on the participants to conjointly devise a new system of Human Research Ethics Review that is adaptable, efficient and effective.

“It is equally important that the Research Ethics Committee exists under a national policy or legislative framework that has an appropriate and sustainable system to monitor the quality and effectiveness of research ethics review with prescribed guidelines and standards” , Dr Waqainabete said.

He further said that the establishment of an ethics guidelines should help promote the ethical conduct of research and protect the rights and well-being of research participants and communities.

Participants will deliberate for the next two days to formulate the proposed new ethics guidelines which will govern and provide a new dimension on human research.