Government of Japan strengthens support for 5S-Kaizen-TQM Project with Health Ministry

JICA Resident Representative, Ms. Yukari Ono made a courtesy call to the Acting Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical services, Ms. Susan Kiran on Thursday last week and to further discuss on the 5S-KAIZEN-TQM Project.

5S-KAIZEN -TQM Project is a three year Project for improvement of health services which will be piloted at CWM Hospital, Nausori Maternity Hospital, Nausori Health Center, Sigatoka Hospital and Labasa Hospital. Over the course of the Project period, several Experts from JICA will be dispatched to support the Ministry and its personnel in the implementation of the Project.

The 5S stands for SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE translated in English as SORT, SET, SHINE, STANDARDISE and SUSTAIN respectively. These action words have been the PILLAR of the 5S implementation and continuous improvement in workplaces which has also lead to CLEAN and SAFE working environment.


JICA introduced KAIZEN in hospitals in Fiji from the year 2007. Under JICA’s Group and Regional Training Program, it has conducted number of training courses on KAIZEN covering both theory and practical and invited two nurses from CWM hospital and Lautoka hospital to attend training course on 5S-Continous Quality Improvement-TQM in Sri Lanka in 2016.

Sri Lanka first applied the 5S industrial tool into the health sector in a hospital; since then, JICA has been supporting many more hospitals and health facilities in Asia, Africa and other regions of the world have taken up 5S concepts for the improvement of the work environment service delivery and hospital management and Fiji has also remains a good partner of the Japanese government in terms of health sector development.

This Japanese model of workplace organisation is envisioned to strengthen organizational capacity after the completion of the project in the various health facilities

The Health Ministry welcomes such initiatives which will filter down in the Ministry’s work culture and eventually improve the health service delivery and maximize the benefits to all Fijians.