Hopes for Higher Sugar Prices Will Reduce Consumption

Last Updated on 3 days by Publishing Team Wellness Fiji and Diabetes Fiji Hope Higher Sugar Prices Will Reduce Consumption   Given the severe negative health effects of overconsuming sugar, sugar-sweetened beverages, and sugar-filled processed foods, Wellness Fiji and Diabetes Fiji hope that the increase in sugar prices will curb sugar consumption by members of […]


COVID-19 Update 19-01-2022

Last Updated on 5 days by Publishing Team COVID-19 Situation Update Wednesday 19th January 2022 Transmission Update: In the past 7 days until 18/01/2022, 675 new cases were recorded in the Central division, 689 new cases in the Western division, 1 new case in the Eastern Division, and 142 new cases in the Northern Division. […]

Media statement

Short Statement Responding to Concerns on Reported COVID-19 Deaths

Last Updated on 6 days by Publishing Team In this current wave, we have so far reported 52 deaths that we determined to be related to COVID 19. As we had experienced in the second wave, adverse health-seeking behavior and significant co-morbidities remain the main contributing factor. Out of the 52 deaths: 50 died either […]