Welcome to the Fiji National Data Repository!


The Fiji National data Repository is a web-based cataloguing system that serves as a portal for public health practitioners, government planners, analysts and researchers to browse, search, compare, apply for access, and download relevant microdata collected under various data collection initiatives. The data may come from various population-based surveys conducted periodically by various technical programs in Ministry of Health and/or other agencies as part of their program monitoring and evaluation as well as from routinely reported data from health facilities and from various research projects.

The Fiji National Data Repository has been established to:

rarraow.jpeg Promote best practices and international standards for the documentation of microdata produced by various agencies in Fiji,
rarraow.jpeg Maximize the effective use of data from existing surveys,  administrative sources and other data collection initiatives for policy, program and research purposes,
rarraow.jpeg Provide equitable access to microdata in the interest of all citizens, by protecting confidentiality and following international recommendations and good practice,
rarraow.jpeg Ensure the long term preservation of microdata and the related metadata, and their continued viability and usability in the future.


The Fiji National Data Repository hopes to ensure that all collected microdata are proficiently documented, properly preserved and widely-disseminated to maximize their impact on public policies and programs. Effort will be made to document and disseminate microdata collected under various initiatives in the last 10 years, and if resources allow, from the previous years as well.




The Fiji National Data Repository gratefully acknowledges the contribution of:

rarraow.jpeg WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific for its establishment.
rarraow.jpeg WHO Regional Office for Western Pacific and  the Accelerated Data Program from the World Bank and OECD for providing technical support and training for data documentation for archiving of data.
rarraow.jpeg The International Household Survey Network, for providing the tools and guidelines used in establishing the Fiji Data Archive.


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