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Measles Advisory 22

Update for the Ministry of Health and medical services.

Since the last update on December 13th 2019 there are now 23 confirmed cases of measles. The latest confirmed cases are a 13 month old and a 20 year old from Saumakia Village in Naitasiri.

There have now been 4 confirmed cases from Saumakia Village. This includes the 27 year old and the 9 month old from Davuilevu (who had stayed at Saumakia Village) reported in earlier media releases. The 9 month old had been admitted to CWM Hospital and has since been discharged home.

The Naitasiri outbreak response team has carried out the necessary interventions including isolation of cases, quarantine and vaccination of contacts and at risk communities as appropriate, and follow up of cases and contacts.

There are no confirmed cases of measles currently admitted in hospital. All cases have recovered or are recovering well at home.

The 23 cases to date are from the following areas in the Central Division:

  • 12 cases from the Serua/Namosi Subdivision (Wailali, Wainadoi, Navunikabi, and Makosoi Deuba)
  • 4 cases from Suva Subdivision (Samabula, Vatuwaqa, Tacirua, Wailekutu).
  • 3 cases from Rewa Subdivision (Koronivia, Nasilai Village Nakelo, Davuilevu).
  • 4 cases from Naitasiri Subdivision (Saumakia Village)

Measles is a highly contagious disease; therefore, non-essential travel to Saumakia Village in Naitasiri, Serua/Namosi, and Nasilai Village in Nakelo Rewa is strongly discouraged.

Mass Immunisation Campaign Update

7 days to go #VaccinatebyChristmas

The national measles immunisation campaign is now running in all Divisions

Since the outbreak was declared on Thursday 7 November 2019, approximately 235,000 people in Fiji have been immunised against measles.

We are especially urging parents of children aged 6 months to 5 years of age to get their children immunised during this campaign as children under the age of 5 are most at risk of being infected by measles and developing the complications of the disease.

In order to reach these children, and the other target groups, the Ministry is closing some outreach posts in Central Division and sending more teams house to house to provide vaccinations. This information has been updated in the daily measles advisories.

From Wednesday 18 December, the following outreach posts will be closed in Central Division:

  • Dokanai Suva Police Post
  • My Suva Park
  • RB Centrepoint
  • Opposite Rajendra supermarket, Nabua
  • Lami Tikaram Park

In addition to house to house visits, immunisation for all target groups will still be available at all Ministry of Health and Medical Services health centres and nursing stations.

Immunisation outreach posts will also still be open Monday-Friday at the following locations in Central Division:

Nausori Nausori old marketNausori Health Centre

Nakasi Health Centre

Rups Mega Complex

Wainibokasi Hospital

9am to 6pm
Valelevu Valelevu groundsValelevu Health Centre 9am to 6pm
Raiwaqa Raiwaqa Health Centre grounds 9am to 6pm
Lami Lami Health CentreLami Town Council Building 9am to 6pm
Suva Sukuna Park 9am to 6pm
Makoi Makoi Health CentreMakoi Maternity Unit 9am to 6pm
Samabula Samabula Health Centre 9am to 6pm

Immunisation will continue to be available as previously advised in Western, Northern and Eastern Divisions.

The national campaign is targeting people who are most at risk of being infected by measles and spreading the disease:

  • All children aged 6 months to 5 years
  • All people born between 1980 and 2000 (19 to 39 year olds who should have ID available if asked)
  • Any child who has not received 2 doses of a measles vaccine according to the national immunisation schedule
  • Any child aged 12 and 18 months in Fiji who are due their routine measles immunisation according to the national immunisation schedule
  • Any person travelling overseas (with evidence of travel i.e. a travel itinerary or ticket)
  • All health care workers
  • All airport and port-of-entry workers, and hotel staff

The only exceptions to those in the above groups are pregnant women, children under the age of 6 months, those with compromised immune systems (including those on immunosuppressive medication/treatment), and those with a known allergy to the vaccine. These people should not be vaccinated.

People aged 40 and over are not a target group. They are likely to have had measles as a child (before the vaccine was introduced) and therefore have life-long immunity.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services wishes to acknowledge the assistance provided by UNICEF and the Australian and New Zealand Governments in securing vaccines for Fiji. And we also thank the World Health Organisation for their continuous technical support.


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