CMA Press Conference

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Chief Medical Advisor – Press Conference

14th June 2021

  • It’s 58 days since the onset of this second wave of the outbreak which began on 18 Apr 2021
  • As you have heard, we have recorded more than 1200 cases since the 1st case in March 2020, and the majority of cases in this 2nd wave
  • The Health service is coping delivering the normative clinical and public health services, and COVID public health response
  • All main divisional and subdivisional hospital functional with CWMH providing COVID care for central

Quarantine and Isolation Services

  • The 1100 active cases are distributed into the 5 health facilities (111 pers), 12 community isolation facilities (380 pers) & 38 families (281 pers) under home isolation in Suva (22), Rewa (14), and Naitasiri (2). Awaiting retrieval = 140
  • 8 Govt designated facilities in Nadi currently have 533 individuals (469 PC & SC; 64 QP)

Screening & Contact Tracing – continued but slowed down as usual over the weekend:

  • Stationery Clinics (56): 864 screened/ 187 swabbed (Cumm total = 147,164 screened/17,222 swab)
  • Mobile Community screening: 191 screened/72 swab (Cumm Total = 614,025 screen/43,258 swab)

Main Clinical Health facilities

  • Labasa hospital – fully functional and in preparedness phase,
  • With the public health team are facilitating the internal repat green to red zone assisting Commissioners team over the last 7 days,
  • The team is also preparing for red to green repat into Vanua Levu;
  • Lautoka Hospital – fully operational,
  • providing COVID and non-COVID admission services for the western division;
  • supporting FEMAT Field hospital for ICU care of children and babies
  • CWM Hospital – day operating as COVID hospital,
  • receives all COVID referrals from FEMAT & division, admission, ICU care, maternity and pediatric care
  • FEMAT Field Hospital – Day 10 of operations; manned by 129 personnel (101 MoH staff)
  • 216 triaged; 77 admissions; 45 surgical operations (25@FFH; 20@MVV)
  • 13 deliveries; 12 CS at MVV
  • 259 prescriptions dispensed
  • Receives referrals from all central HCFs – Navua to Nayavu


  • I am sure you will agree with me that we must not let the number of COVID cases surpass the capacity of health services to provide health services which will make our work even harder
  • And we have the ability to achieve that by diligently pursuing COVID safe measures –
  • stay at home, only 3 reasons to move – food, access health service, essential work,
  • mask up properly (covering your mouth and nose) if outside your family bubble,
  • the social distancing of 2 meters,
  • handwashing with soap and water or alcohol hand rub,
  • follow the proper way to cough and sneeze,
  • Download and activate the careFIJI app by turning on the Bluetooth.
  • Agree to get vaccinated when the opportunity comes

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