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Bula and welcome to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Website

The Health Ministry is responsible for the provision of medical services to the entire population of Fiji which now stands at 884,887 according to the 2017 National Population Census. In addition to this, similar services are also provided to the expatriates visiting or living in our country.

The Ministry’s Headquarters is situated at 88 Amy Street, Toorak, Suva with three divisional offices:

Northern Health Services – Ro Qomate house, Hospital Road, Labasa.

Western Health Services – Vidilo House, Lautoka.

Central Eastern Health Services – Tamavua, Suva.

The Ministry is responsible to provide a wide range of equitable, efficient, affordable and a vibrant Health Service through our health facilities in all the medical sub-divisions of Fiji.

Together with this, our mobile medical outreach teams also take various health services to remote, rural and maritime locations as we envision to make health services available to all the people of Fiji and leaving no one behind as we strive to uphold the United Nations vision of Universal Health Coverage.

Through this website, we aspire to bridge the information gap and strengthen our service deliveries between the Ministry and its stakeholders and lessees that we serve.

Recent Activity

CWM Hospital Clean Up

Members of the public came out in numbers to support a worthy cause – to clean up the 100-year-old Colonial War Memorial Hospital today. While the CWMH Board of Visitors registered 27 companies, there were other unregistered groups who rocked up to the hospital this morning with their water blasters, rakes, cane knives, shovel, rags, buckets and scrubbing brushes as they wanted to be part of a great initiative. Some of those that were interviewed stated they were born at CWMH while others also had sad memories but either way they came to volunteer their services whether they had to paint the walls, scrub the cement pathway or pull the weeds as a little goes a long way.

Medical Supplies for Rotuma Hospital

A truck load of medical supplies were loaded onto the Lomaiviti Princess at Narain Jetty yesterday bound for Rotuma Hospital. The hospital receives its supplies on a quarterly basis. These medical supplies are crucial as it facilitates the efforts of medical staff in delivering quality health care in the rural communities they serve in.

5S-KAIZEN-TQM Fiji Project team are conducting a 3 days training on 5S at Sigatoka Hospital from 28/2/23 to 2/3/23 (3 days) for 36 participants from Eastern, Northern Division and Central Division.
Day 1 classroom teaching,
Day 2 practical sessions and
Day 3 site visit to various departments in Sigatoka Hospital.
5S is a five-step methodology for creating a more organized and productive workspace: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.
5S activities build the discipline needed for substantial and continuous improvement by creating (and sustaining) efficient and effective work areas.
All in all, 5S is a low-investment, high-impact lean manufacturing tool that is predicated on people. It engages operators in “owning” their workspace and helps to instil a culture of quality, productivity, and improvement.