Ministry of Health & Medical Services – Fiji

Bula & Welcome

The Health Ministry is responsible for the provision of medical services to the entire population of Fiji which now stands at 884,887 according to the 2017 National Population Census. In addition to this, similar services are also provided to the expatriates visiting or living in our country.

The Ministry’s Headquarters is situated at 88 Amy Street, Toorak, Suva with three divisional offices:

  • Northern Health Services – Ro Qomate house, Hospital Road, Labasa
  • Western Health Services – Vidilo House, Lautoka
  • Central Eastern Health Services – Tamavua, Suva

The Ministry is responsible for providing a wide range of equitable, efficient, affordable, and vibrant Health services through our health facilities in all the medical sub-divisions of Fiji.

Together with this, our mobile medical outreach teams also take various health services to remote, rural, and maritime locations. We envision making health services available to all the people of Fiji and leaving no one behind as we strive to uphold the United Nations’ vision of Universal Health Coverage.

Through this website, we aspire to bridge the information gap and strengthen our service deliveries between the Ministry and its stakeholders and lessees that we serve.

Flood | What is it?

Floods pose several dangers during the event itself and in the aftermath. The immediate threat comes from the water itself. Flood waters can be fast-moving and powerful, carrying debris that can cause injuries or even crush structures. Sadly, many flood deaths happen when people try to drive through moving flood waters. Even if the water isn’t moving quickly, it can still be dangerous. Floodwater can be contaminated with sewage, chemicals, and animal waste, which can lead to a variety of illnesses. In addition, floodwater can hide electrical hazards and uneven surfaces, which can cause injuries. After the flood waters recede, there are still risks to be aware of. Mold can quickly grow in damp buildings, posing health risks. Additionally, damaged electrical systems and exposed gas lines can create fire hazards. Floods can also disrupt essential services like clean water and electricity, which can make it difficult to recover. The stress of a flood can also lead to mental health problems for those affected.

Flood Message