Wellness Fiji

The Permanent Secretary for Health is responsible for the formulation of strategic public, and primary health policies and oversees the implementation of public health programmes as legislated under the Public Health Act 2002. Effective primary health care services are delivered through Sub Divisional Hospitals and national programs explored below.

Wellness Centre

The Wellness Unit was established in February 2012 by the merging of the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) control unit and the National Centre for Health Promotion (NCHP).

The Wellness unit is now rebranded “Wellness Fiji – harvest the wellness within you“.

All Fijians from conception to senior citizens have the potential to harvest wellness, as they sail throughout their lifespan in settings.

The strategic objective for Wellness and NCD is to reduce premature deaths (deaths aged less than 60 years) due to non-communicable diseases.

Recent Achievements for Wellness

  • Completion of the review of Public Health Act.
  • Establishment of the Wellness Framework and initiation of National Wellness Policy.
  • Review of National NCD Strategic Plan 2010-2014.
  • Development of National Strategic Plan 2015-2019 and Community Health Worker Policy.
  • Declaration of Fiji National University as No Tobacco University.
  • Launch of first Wellness bus for Fiji Public Health Community Outreach.
  • Development of the Wellness Competency Manual for Community Health Worker Training and the Wellness Manual for all Public Health Community workers by FHSSP.
  • Establishment of WHO PEN model for a multidisciplinary approach to blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol to SOPD/HUBs in Fiji.
  • The Diabetes Foot Care project commenced in collaboration with WDF.

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