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You can use our interactive map to find your nearest health centre.

General Enquiries

If you have a general enquiry for the Ministry of Health, please fill out the form below with some specific details so that we can follow up your enquiry with the appropriate area or person.

Contact Form


The Ministry of Health is committed to providing the best health services to the people of Fiji; as such we are always working to improve this system. We welcome feedback as it helps us to improve our services. Please use the contact form to send us your feedback.


The Ministry of Health is a large government organisation with thousands of employees throughout Fiji, so where possible, we encourage you to register your complaints as close as possible to the source of the issue.


There are systems in place at all our health centre’s and hospitals to register complaints. By following this process, you are much more likely to get a quick and satisfactory resolution to your problem. Your grievances will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

If you have followed the above process and still have feedback or a complaint, please use the form above to tell us about it.

MOH Contact Numbers

Key contact numbers for the Ministry of Health Headquarters and divisional hospitals can be found below. If you would like to contact your local health centre or nursing station, you can find their details on the locate us map

Ministry of Health HEADQUARTERS
Dinem House, 88 Amy Street, Toorak
P.O Box 2223, Government Buildings, Suva
P: 330 6177
Environmental Health Unit
Chief Health Inspector
Accounts Department
P: 330 6177
P: 321 5710
P: 321 5764
National Wellness Centre
Namosi House, Amy Street, Toorak
P: 331 4988
Adolescent Health & Development Centre P: 331 9078
National Food & Nutrition Centre
1 Clarke St, Suva
P: 331 3055
Centre for Communicable Disease Control
Mataika House, Tamavua
P: 332 0066
Fiji Pharmaceutical Services
Jerusalem Rd, Vtwqa
P: 338 8000
Fiji Medical & Dental Secretariat
1 Brown Street
PO Box 18914, Suva
P: 330  3647
Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital
Waimanu Rd, Suva
 P: 331 3444
Lautoka Hospital
Lautoka Hospital Rd
 P: 666 0399
Labasa Hospital
Labasa Hospital Rd
 P: 881 1444

Application Forms

Below is a list of forms available for download in specific health related areas for health workers and the public.

DiabetesApplication for Diabetes Notification

Research Application for a permit to study or conduct research

NursesRegistration Form – Fiji Nursing Council

Health InformationData Request Form

Free Medicine Scheme

Below is a list of forms available for download related Free Medicine Scheme.

Free Medicine Leaflet – Free Medicine List

Registration RequirementsFree Medicine Poster/National Registration

Free Medicine ProgramFree Medicine Registration Form

Free Medicine Manual Dispensing FormManual Dispensing Form

Social Welfare Contacts

Below is a list of contact details for social welfare organizations in Fiji. There are many dedicated organizations you can turn to in times of need.

Alcoholics Anonymous 926 7399
Alcoholic Anonymous SUVA 939 2190
Bayly Clinic 331 5888
Bayly Welfare Section 331 2378
Chevalier Hostel 331 2773
Child Welfare Offices 330 4466
Counterstroke Fiji 330 5007
Crippled Childrens Society 331 2210
Department of Social Welfare 330 4466
Domestic Court Cases 321 1291
Father Law Home 336 1107
Fiji Cancer Society 332 4960
Fiji Disabled Persons Assc. 331 1203
Fiji Council of Social Services 331 2649
Fiji Muslin League 338 4566
Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons 331 9045
Fiji Red Cross National Headquarters 331 4133
Fiji Scouts Association National HQ 331 4749
Fiji Society for the Blind 338 2966
Girl Guides Assc. 330 0980
Habitat for Humanity 331 2012
Home of Compassion 337 0644
Methodist Social Services Dept. 331 1263
National Diabetes Foundation 331 3444
Old People’s Home 338 1043
Office of Accountability & Transparency 331 4488
Pearce Home 330 2396
Prison After Care Society 331 5177
Probation Service 330 4466
SDA Mission 336 1022
Salvation Army 331 5177
Save the Children Fund 331 3178
Soqosoqo Vakamarama 338 1408
St John Ambulance 330 2584
St Vincent de Paul 330 4385
United Blind Persons of Fiji 330 0616
Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre 331 3300
YMCA 331 3420
Anglican Church 667 4482
Ba School for Special Education 667 4711
Catholic Church 667 4009
Fiji Red Cross Ba Branch 667 4919
Methodist Missions 667 4364
Senior Citizens Community Centre 667 6956
Disabled Person Rehabilitation 667 5657
Women’s Crisis Centre 667 0466
Crippled Children’s Society 881 1028
Fiji Red Cross Labasa Branch 881 1139
Macuata Muslim League 881 1073
St Vincent de Paul Society 881 1763
Zanana Muslim League 881 1066
Bayly Welfare Clinic 666 4598
Fiji Crippled Children’s Society 666 0795
Fiji Red Cross Lautoka Branch 666 4072
St Vincent de Paul 666 0246
Fiji Red Cross Nadi Branch 670 1969
Nadi Society for Handicapped 670 1839
St Christopher’s Home 341 0458
Dilkusha Home 347 8325
Social Welfare Dept. 347 8361
Ra Society for the Disabled Children 669 4693