Health HQ Resumes Services on Monday

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Media Release

Sunday 6th June
The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) informs the public that after the declaration of the Health Headquarters in Suva as a site of interest, owing to the COVID -19 positive cases from the Incident Management Team (IMT), Dinem House and adjacent Namosi House along Amy Street, Toorak were closed from Friday 04th June 2021.
The closure of the two buildings was to allow for a thorough decontamination process. The Health Ministry informs the public that services from the headquarters of the Ministry resume from Monday 7th June 2021.
The public is assured that Dinem and Namosi House have both been thoroughly decontaminated and therefore safe to enter.

The Ministry is implementing stringent COVID safety measures which will include some staff based at the two buildings to work from home. A small number of staff will report to work at the two buildings and will strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols. Members of the public are advised that entrance to the two buildings is strictly for essential business only and visitors to both buildings will be subject to strict COVID safety measures.
During this period of the closure of health headquarters, the Health Ministry acknowledges the hardworking Doctors, Nurses and other health staff around the Divisions and at sub-divisional level for their hard work and dedication to ensure health services were delivered to the public.
The Minister and staff of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services also wishes to thank the public for their understanding and messages of support and encouragement during this period.