EOI – Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Grant Round 2019/20


Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Grant Round 2019/20

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services (MINISTRY) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from relevant Non-Government Organisations (NGO) to provide services in coordination with MINISTRY in priority areas.

Grant Pool
The total grant pool is up to $500,000 and proposal budgets will take into account the services provided with a maximum budget of $150,000 per NGO. Depending on the quality of proposals & budget submitted that meets the grant round criteria, the total grant pool will be distributed across selected NGOs that fulfill all criteria.

Length of the grant
The funding round is aligned to 2019/20 financial year.

Priority Areas
1. Counselling Services
2. Ambulance Services
3. Long term care for elderly, chronically ill, terminally ill and people with a disability
4. Primary Health Screening Service

Selection Criteria
 Must be a Fijian NGO and registered under the Charitable Trust Act – international NGOs are not eligible to apply. With all applicable documentation as requested in the proposal format.
 Ability to articulate clear results that contribute to health program outcomes.
 Not replicating services of MINISTRY or other providers, but extending services to the most disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable groups including women and those with a disability, particularly those in rural and remote communities.
 Able to incorporate child protection approaches, have a current child protection policy and be compliant with the Child Welfare Decree and the Child Protection Interagency guidelines.
 More than 7 years previous experience in the identified work area.
 Strong Financial Systems that are documented in a finance manual and policy.
 Audited financial report for the last two years (annual report must be provided).
 Previous experience in implementing grants, managing donor funds and accounting for such funding.
 Have a demonstrated commitment to the objectives of “Universal Health Coverage”. Able to incorporate strong approaches that ensure services reach all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, social status, disability, location and age.
 Able to work collaboratively with MINISTRY (not replicating services, reporting through MINISTRY systems and processes, sharing data and resource, joint decision-making).

Please email to obtain Expression of Interest document that contains the selection criteria, proposal and budget templates.

Due Date
All EOIs will be treated in strict confidence and must be received no later than 4.00 pm on 31st January 2020 addressing the full Selection Criteria Outlined in the EOI document, and using the templates provided.


EOI for CSO Grant Round 2019_20