Career Opportunities in Health

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MOHMS 528/2018 Chief Health Inspector – Head Quarters [Re-advertised]
MOHMS 529/2018 Team Leader Dermatology/Leprosy Outpatient Department, TTH
MOHMS 530/2018 Team Leader Dermatology/Leprosy Ward, TTH
MOHMS 531/2018 Team Leader Rehabilitation Out Patient Department, TTH
MOHMS 532/2018 Team Leader Rehabilitation Unit, TTH
MOHMS 533/2018 Team Leader Tuberculosis Outpatient Department, TTH
MOHMS 534/2018 Team Leader Tuberculosis Ward, TTH
MOHMS 535/2018 Assistant Statistician – Hospital  HIU Headquarters
MOHMS 536/2018 Pharmacy Assistant – CWM Hospital
MOHMS 537/2018 Senior Pharmacy Technician – CWM Hospital
MOHMS 538/2018 Statistical Officer – Communicable Diseases
MOHMS 539/2018 Physiotherapist – CWM Hospital
MOHMSP 17/2018 Project Officer – Health Information Technician

Applications for the position(s) must be received by 4.00pm on Friday 27th April, 2018