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The Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services is alerting passengers on flights from Auckland to Nadi, and Nadi to Los Angeles, on Tuesday July 23rd that they may have been exposed to measles. A New Zealand citizen tested positive for measles in the United States and is known to have traveled on those flights during the infective period.


The flight details:


FJ 410 from Auckland to Nadi (arrival in Nadi airport at 4.05pm)

FJ 810 from Nadi to Los Angeles (departed Nadi airport 9.40pm)


Passengers on these flights, and anyone in the Nadi Airport international transit and/or departure lounges from 4.05pm to 11.40pm on Tuesday July 23rd, should watch for signs of measles.


Symptoms include:

Fever, runny nose, cough, sore and red eyes. A rash starts a few days after these symptoms and spreads all over the body.


If you were on one of those flights, or you were in the Nadi Airport international transit or departure lounges between 4.05pm and 11.40 pm on July 23rd, please call:


Western Division:

9970114  or 9311529


Northern Division



Central Division



If you do develop symptoms, please contact one of the above numbers immediately and avoid public areas.


The Ministry is also advising that there are measles outbreaks in New Zealand, including in Auckland and Wellington. All international travellers are urged to ensure they are up to date with their measles vaccinations. If you are planning international travel and have not been vaccinated, or are unsure of your vaccination status, measles vaccine is available free of charge at your nearest Ministry of Health and Medical Services health centre.



Measles information



Measles is a highly infectious airborne viral disease that is spread by coughing and sneezing. You are at risk of getting measles if you are not immune i.e. if you have not been vaccinated, or you have never had the disease.



Symptoms of measles include: Fever, runny nose, cough, sore and red eyes. A rash starts a few days after these symptoms and spreads all over the body.



There is no specific treatment for measles, as it is your body’s immune system that fights off the disease. Most people recover from a measles infection in 8-10 days with rest, and ensuring that they are eating and drinking to avoid dehydration.



However, some people infected with measles develop severe complications such as pneumonia (infection of the lungs) or encephalitis (brain swelling). These people require hospitalization. Children under the age of 5, babies younger than 1 year old, pregnant women, adults over the age of 20, and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk of complications.



An effective vaccine exists for measles. Since 2003, all children in Fiji are offered 2 doses of the combination measles-rubella vaccine: first when they are 1 year old and the 2nd at school entry. Fiji’s immunization coverage for children is reported at 95% – which is good. The Ministry also conducted a supplemental campaign in 2017 for all 1 to 10 year olds.


Measles in Fiji

Because we have an effective immunization program, measles is rare in Fiji. Our last outbreak was in 2006, and there have been 0 cases reported for years since. However, outbreaks around the world, including in neighboring countries, puts Fiji at risk of having travel related cases

Health encouraged staff to step up performance

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Media Release


Health Minister Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete encourages health staff to step up performance.

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete reminded the health staff that quality and efficient healthcare services should be the priority of the Ministry.

He issued this challenge to the staff members of the Ministry as he met them at health headquarters to brief them on the new initiatives that the Health Ministry will now embark on to provide a robust healthcare service delivery.

Dr Waqainabete highlighted that his very first concern is the provision of comfortable workstations for the staff so that they can discharge their duties diligently and efficiently.

“As senior managers of the Ministry you must ensure that the health facilities are maintained and resourced well that attract people to choose the  health department as their first choice of work”, he said.

Minister Waqainabete also directed the health staff to further strengthen the health services as a way forward to address the needs of the people.

“While I acknowledge your hard work, I want to remind you that you should be very professional with your work which will eventually meet the expectation of the patients as they look upon us one of the best service provider.

The Health Ministry has envisioned a major uplift in the health service provision with more staff positions to be created to increase the doctors/nurses patient ratio to international accepted levels and better and fully resourced health facilities for quick and easy medical services accessibility.

The Ministry will also be working with its stake holders for the timely promotional and awareness campaigns to be further enhanced to instill behavioral lifestyle changes in the people to minimize the risk of diseases and people live healthier lives.

Health Ministry Farewells Korean Advisors

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Media release

Health Ministry Farewells Korean Advisors

Last week, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services farewell four of its Senior KOICA advisors upon the successful completion of yearlong attachment under the Korean Overseas Cooperation Agency (KOICA) program.

Dr. Chan Bae Chun and Dr. Kim Daeseon   were attached to the Ministry of Health Headquarters while Mr Kim Sang Yong and Mr. Seong-Ha Park were attached to Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical services contributing enormously to the public health system in terms of expertise in Health Systems, Research publications, Logistics and Warehouse management.

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services health personnel have also benefited from assistance provided by the Korean government with a number of Fiji nationals have undertaken specialist training in Korea while Korean Nationals continue to serve in Fiji as Volunteers under the KOICA program.

The Ministry of Health & Medical services, representative from its Headquarters, Dr. Eric Rafai thanked and acknowledged their contributions that had added value to the work culture and relationships within the Ministry, in addition to providing expert advice on health systems development and efficient health service delivery.

Director FPBS Mr. Jeremaia Mataika also echoed similar sentiments saying that a lot has been learnt from them as they have set up good practices in improving services at Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical services Centre. They have also contributed in the improvement of the staff facilities at Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical services Centre.

“They did a marvelous work during their stay here and we certainly learnt a lot from them and we will continue from where they have left so the level of service are not compromised,” Mr. Mataika said.

The Senior volunteers admittedly have learnt a lot about Fiji and shared some wise reflections on their experiences such as the need for our workers to ‘be on time and value time in the work place’ and ‘keeping promises’ on appointments, in addition to note the positive atmosphere we exist in such as ‘how there is no physical fights in the workplace’ and about a ‘less stressful environment’.