Participants of the three days Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training.

The three days Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) training commenced this morning for Bua Medical Sub-division at the Naulumatua House in Nabouwalu. It will involve 3 different groups of sub-divisional staff.  This training is envisioned to further strengthen the IPC practice and compliance at the sub-divisional level. This will in turn improve clinical governance in the health facilities in Fiji and aid in the combat of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) such as COVID-19, Measles, and Typhoid right to the grassroots level.

Infection prevention and control is an integral part of our care and it is a means of ensuring quality health care, together with, the provision of a safe and conducive environment for all healthcare professionals and those we dearly serve.

Included in the program are other relevant topics such as Health Care Waste Management, 5S Kaizen etc. Constant action and commitment to these programs is required at all levels, including policymakers, facility managers, health workers, and those who access health services.

The training headed by SDMO Bua, Dr Talei Jioji, is a timely illustration of the Permanent Secretary, Dr James Fong, and vision of infiltration of the National IPC guideline right to the primary health care level, to own and ensure the successful implementation of the IPC protocols.

It then becomes absolutely necessary for all medical sub-divisions to conduct this training to maximise the benefits to the people of Fiji since IPC is unique in the field of patient safety and quality of care, as it is universally relevant to every health worker and patient, at every health care interaction

The program was funded by the World Bank under the COVID-19 Emergency Response Project.

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