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Leptospirosis Outbreak in Kadavu and the Western Division

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has declared leptospirosis outbreaks in Kadavu and in the Western Division where case numbers are significantly above the expected levels for this time of the year.

Kadavu Leptospirosis Outbreak

The Kadavu medical subdivision has reported a total of 31 laboratory-confirmed leptospirosis cases since the beginning of this year, with a surge in cases observed in recent weeks. The majority of cases are in 10-19 age group, with all cases of i-Taukei ethnicity.

A surge support team was mobilised to assist the Kadavu Subdivisional Outbreak Response Team (SORT) in implementing their prevention and control activities in response towards this outbreak, including:

  • Raising awareness on leptospirosis and information on health and other communicable diseases.
  • Conducting environmental risk assessments including assessment of animals, water sources and sanitation facilities in the affected communities, including issuance of nuisance abatement notices.
  • Upscaling and continuous surveillance in hot-spot and at-risk communities – including vector surveillance.
  • Distribution of rat baits to households.

Western Division Leptospirosis Outbreak

There have been 212 cases of leptospirosis reported for the Western Division since the beginning of this year. In these preceding 2-3 weeks, laboratory-reported case numbers surpassed outbreak threshold levels in the Western Division, with the majority of cases coming from the Lautoka and Ba medical subdivisions. Most cases from the Western Division are within the 10-29 age range, with 75% of cases being of i-Taukei ethnicity.

Medical officers, nurse practitioners and other health care workers in all the divisions have been alerted to this surge in leptospirosis cases to above expected levels following the recent rainy and adverse weather conditions. Clinicians have been reminded to manage suspected leptospirosis cases in accordance with recommended clinical management guidelines, and virtual awareness sessions on clinical management have been conducted.  This is to encourage early recognition, treatment, and referral of cases as required. Divisional and Subdivisional health teams have also been trained to investigate cases and implement necessary public health prevention and control measures, including the collaboration with relevant animal health authorities for targeted vector surveillance and control.

More cases of leptospirosis are expected every year during the rainy season from October to April and following periods of adverse weather conditions. In anticipation of this increase in cases, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services conducted a three-month long mass media awareness campaign through TV and radio beginning in December 2023. This mass media campaign was continued following the recent adverse weather conditions in March and April, in anticipation of the increase in cases of communicable diseases, such as leptospirosis, and to advise the public on prevention of such diseases. Awareness continues both in mass media and on official MHMS social media pages. Community engagement by the Ministry’s Divisional and Subdivisional teams has also continued throughout the rainy season.

We continue to urge the public to learn about leptospirosis, take precautions to prevent infection, and present early to a medical facility should you develop symptoms.

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