All sporting events remain temporarily suspended


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Fiji currently has 18 confirmed cases of COVID-19. While 11 patients have successively tested negative and have been discharged from the health facilities, Fijians should not be complacent and should continue to take heed of the COVID-19 measures. The Government remains on the highest alert level and will advise the public as soon as possible if more cases are found.

Although restrictions have been lifted to allow gatherings of 20 people or fewer, the Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services wishes to remind the public that all sporting events in the country remain temporarily suspended. This includes events organized by sporting bodies as well as those organized at community levels by community members.

This is in line with the measures announced by the Hon. Prime Minister Hon. Voreqe Bainimarama to contain the spread and local transmission of the virus.

The risk of person to person transmission of COVID- 19 is high when there is a large gathering of people and at places such as sporting facilities, stadiums or even village playgrounds where maintaining a safe physical distance can be a challenge.

The Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services wishes to thank all the sporting organisations that took these measures seriously and have complied with the restrictions.

While sporting events are not permitted at this stage, Fijians however are free to undertake their own exercises. These could be simple exercises such as jogging or walking. Regular exercises and healthy diet is key to a stronger immune system.

Fijians must remain on guard against COVID-19 and are advised to call toll free number 158 for any COVID-19 related information.


The Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  •   fever
  •   flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat or headaches; or
  •   difficulty breathing.

The Government of Fiji remains on the highest level of alert in response to this global pandemic. We know that finding cases early and isolating them quickly is key to containing this disease. As the symptoms of COVID-19 are very similar to many other respiratory illnesses (including the common cold and influenza) it is expected that the Ministry will continue to investigate more persons with relevant travel history and symptoms related to COVID-19.

What can you do?

The Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services wishes to strongly urge the public to not share rumours and misinformation, and to use credible sources for information on COVID-19:

Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services website:

Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services Facebook page:

World Health Organization (WHO) website:

The Fijian Ministry of Health and Medical Services is monitoring the developing situation and will provide updates regularly to the public.