COVID 19 Webinar Series

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Webinar 1 – July 21st

Topic:  Risk Assessment and Exposure SOP

Presenter: Dr Alipate

Webinar 2 – July 22nd  

Topic:  Criteria for Testing SOP

Presenter:  Dr Aalisha Sahukhan

Webinar 3 – July 23rd

Topic:  Home Quarantine and Home Isolation

Presenters:  Dr Rafai and Dr Joe Tabua

Webinar 4 – July 24th  

Topic:  Medical Cause of Death Certificate

Presenters:  Dr Rafai and colleagues

Webinar 5  – July, 27th    

Topic:  Decontamination and cleaning for HCWs

Presenter:  Sr Margaret Leong

Webinar 6  – July 28th

Topic:  Rational Use of PPE

Presenter:  Sr. Sereima Vatuvatu and Sr Margaret Leong

Webinar 7 – July 29th

Topic:  Internal transfer and discharge of patients

Presenter: Director Nursing Kelera Soata

Webinar 8 – August 4th

Topic:  Contact Tracing (COVID 19)

Presenter:  Dr. Filomena Ranadi (MHMS), Dr. Elias Forbin / Ms. Julia Maguire (WHO)

Webinar 9 – August 12th

Topic: Safe Return to Work for Health Care Workers Post COVID and Mental Health

Presenter: Dr. Karti Gounder,  Senior Medical Officer, MHMS

Webinar 10 – August 26th

Topic:  Clinical Management of COVID 19 Patients

Presenter:  Dr. Ravi Naidu, Internal Medicine, CWM

Webinar 11 – August 25th

Topic:  Oxygen and respiratory care (Part 1)

Presenter:  Professor Stephen Howie,  Dr. Shanjivan, Dr. Erin Noste

Webinar 12 – September 1st   

Topic:  Oxygen and respiratory care (Part 2)

Presenter:  Professor Stephen Howie,  Dr. Shanjivan, Dr. Erin Noste

Webinar 13 – September 23rd  

Topic:    Guiding principles of re-opening of essential services

Presenter: Sr Ili Nabose

Webinar 14 – September 29th 

Topic:  Clinical Management Dashboard

Presenter:  Dr. Karen Hammad (WHO),  Dr. Rigamoto Taito (MHMS) and Dr. Raksha Maharaj (IMT, MHMS)

Webinar 15 – September 30th   

Topic: Management of Long COVID

Presenter: Dr. Ravi Naidu

Webinar 16 – December 30th   

Topic: Oxygen and respiratory care (part 3)

Presenter:  Professor Stephen Howie


Topic:  Basic IPC measures (part 1)

Presenter:   Margaret Leong

Topic:  Basic IPC measures (part 2)

Presenter:   Margaret Leong