Health Minister commends staff


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Health Minister commends staff



Health Minister Jone Usamate speaks to staff in Rakiraki.

The Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon Jone Usamate commended the health staff in the Tavua and Rakiraki health subdivision for maintaining clean health facilities and remain customer focused as he continued his routine visits to monitor the health service delivery.

“I thank you for taking this initiative in ensuring that we maintain our health facilities as best as we can as this reflects the commitment of our ministry to a better service delivery.”

Mr Usamate also reminded health staff that providing the best health services to the people should remain the priority and there should be no compromise to that.

We are paid by the taxpayers and they expect a better healthcare service therefore we should be at our best and our target should be to provide maximum customer satisfaction”, Mr Usamate said.

Mr Usamate also highlighted staff on the civil service reforms now being implemented by the Ministry to maintain an efficient workforce to enhance the services for the benefit of all people.