Health Minister opens Nurses symposium


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Health Minister opens Nurses symposium


While opening the 2nd National Nurses Scientific Symposium, the Minister for Health and Medical Services Mr Jone Usamate appealed to nurses to enhance health service delivery for the benefit of all Fijians.

Mr Usamate said that nurses are on the frontline of the health workforce and ultimately they are the face of the Ministry, a noble responsibility which carries an obligation to deliver high quality service.

“You play a huge role in the provision of health care services and your attitudes, your knowledge, your expertise, your care and compassion, all impact the type of health service we have”, Mr Usamate said.

“That is why this symposium is important, because it provides knowledge, and the sharing of experiences and networking that can enhance the quality of nursing and thereby health in general”, he further added.

Mr Usamate also reminded the nurses to be advocates of behaviour change; something that every Fijian can do to better look after their own health.

“Nurses are agents of change. You should not only talk about it, but at the same time foster the wellness within you. Then you can not only tell people, but show them the way by demonstrating behaviour change”, he said.

The chief Nurse of New Zealand Dr Jane Ellen echoed similar sentiments with the honourable Minister.

“You can make the difference if you are refreshed, organized and well equipped to serve the people”, said Dr Ellen.

More than 160 nurses from around the country are attending the two day symposium at the pearl resort in Pacific Harbour which concludes on Friday.