Wellness Challenge

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What’s the secret behind the challenge?

  • Currently only 15% of Fijians are eating enough fruits and vegetables. These are high quality foods that provide a lot of fibre and vitamins to keep us full and healthy while being low in calories- making them ideal foods for weight maintenance and loss
  • By aiming to have two servings of fruit every day people often start having more regular breakfast meals – a crucial part of a healthy diet. They also start having fruit for snacks rather than turning to convenience foods.
  • By aiming to have three servings of vegetables everyday people often turn to more home cooking as its difficult to get enough vegetables when eating away from home. This gives them more control over how much salt and fat goes in their meal
  • Being active everyday gets people burning more calories and boosts their happy hormones which can help them feel empowered to live a healthy lifestyle
  • A key part of the challenge is to tick of wether you have achieved these 3 challenges everyday. Keeping track of your lifestyle through this kind of tick list, or a food diary keeps you accountable everyday and has been shown to help people lose up to 50% more weight.