People continue to support Fight the Bite – Clean up Fiji campaign


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People continue to support Fight the Bite – Clean up Fiji campaign


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has received positive feedback from communities and organizations around the country as they participate in “Fight the Bite – Clean Up Fiji” campaign.

The campaign is in its third week of implementation since the roll out on the 16th of May 2016.

Destruction of Mosquito breeding places is the primary objective of this campaign with the target to reduce mosquito densities and ultimately minimize the spread of diseases such as Dengue fever, Chikungunya and Zika.

There are now 17 confirmed Zika cases and 24 confirmed Chikungunya cases and additional samples have been sent for testing.

The Minister for Health & Medical Services Hon. Jone Usamate said that these mosquito-borne diseases can be reduced if we all work together as a community to eliminate mosquito breeding places. The Minister has called all of Government departments, the Municipalities, the community groups and partners to join in the clean-up campaign.

“When you clean up, you are helping yourselves, your families and your neighbors to be protected from mosquito-borne diseases, Mosquitoes does not discriminate and it needs to have its meal from human blood therefore anyone can be bitten.” Mr Usamate said.

Our health teams have commenced spraying in urban and rural areas throughout the country and to date Labasa, Lami, and Taveuni have recorded 100% coverage while other divisions are almost achieving their targets.

It is expected that all areas will be covered over the next few weeks as we approach the completion of the campaign. However, localized and focused spraying will continue at areas identified through surveillance to have persistently high mosquito densities.

The Health Ministry advocates and encourage the people of Fiji to keep their surroundings clean and free of mosquito breeding containers for everyone to live in a mosquito disease-free environment.