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Labasa Hospital Ante Natal Clinic Services

A message for Labasa residents, in particular pregnant mothers, please note the Ante-Natal Clinic (ANC) currently operating from the Medical Services Pacific (MSP) Labasa Office, Naiyaca Subdivision has returned to the Labasa Hospital ANC from Friday 04 February 2022. All patients will be screened at the outdoor Diabetic Hub and directed to the ANC, inside the hospital.

To avoid overcrowding at the clinic and to ensure adherence to COVID-19 safe measures, the public is informed that only 1 carer per patient is permitted to the Ante-Natal Clinic. Cooperation from the public in practicing safe measures to stop community transmission is much appreciated.

 SOPD Services Labasa Hospital

Clients of the Labasa Hospital SOPD Clinics are informed that SOPD services have resumed at the Labasa Hospital. SOPD patients can also receive their COVID-19 booster vaccinations when attending the SOPD clinic. The public is reminded to follow COVID-19 safe measures when attending their clinics.

 Continuation of visitation restrictions for patients admitted at the Labasa Hospital

Visitors for patients admitted at the Labasa Hospital are not permitted until further notice. Personal items for patients are to be clearly marked with their name and admission ward and dropped off at the Security Desk in the Administration Foyer. Hospital staff will ensure the items are delivered to the patient.

For a bedridden or immobilized patient, only one carer is permitted. The carer must be fully vaccinated, and he/she will stay through the duration of the period of admission for the patient.