Fiji Health & Nutrition Cluster

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The Fiji Health and Nutrition Cluster (HnN C) was formed in 2012 and is responsible in providing effective and efficient service to the people of Fiji before, during and after natural disasters.

Goal of HnN Cluster

To reduce avoidable mortality, morbidity and disability, and restore the delivery of, and equitable access to, preventive and curative health and nutrition services as quickly as possible and in as sustainable a manner as possible.

Objectives of HnN Cluster

The objective of the HnN Cluster is to plan and implement proportionate, appropriate and timely health and nutrition responses in humanitarian crisis situations which will address both the immediate needs of the affected populations. This will be achieved through providing predictable, systematic and country-driven services, and includes the need to:

  1. Increase participation of cluster partners and donors / Strengthen Coordination with non-HnN Cluster partner health providers / MoHMS thematic groups;
  2. Conduct HnN Cluster Contingency planning / develop a plan to predict, prevent and respond to new emergencies/deterioration of the current humanitarian situation;
  3. Develop HnN Cluster strategy and action plan to respond to the priority emergency health and nutrition hazards and risks;
  4. Define the geographical and thematic Structure of the cluster, and roles of the partners / update HnN Cluster ToR;
  5. Develop and operationalize the HnN Cluster advocacy strategy to inform the humanitarian community, donors, and relevant authorities about priority health issues and strengthen resource mobilization for the health sector with the aim to have identified problems tackled/solved;
  6. Develop and operationalize systems for monitoring HnN Cluster joint response/ Develop systems for aggregating and analyzing cluster partner data;
  7.  Define and agree on Health and Nutrition sector priorities and standards;
  8.  Capacity Building in project design and management;
  9.  Facilitate effective sharing of information among agencies and organizations, including local organizations and local government partners involved in health and nutrition response efforts, preparedness and recovery;
  10.  Ensure adequate health and nutrition contingency and preparedness planning and support Cluster members to provide timely response during emergencies;
  11.  Ensure coordination of the emergency health and nutrition programs and activities among the partners engaged in emergency response including non-members and local partners;
  12.  Address disruption in the provision of existing government services during emergencies and liaise accordingly with government partners;
  13.  Ensure early recovery planning, as well as prevention and risk reduction concerns, are addressed and incorporated where possible at all stages of emergency planning and response; and
  14.  Liaise and coordinate with other Clusters as required.

Partners in the Health and Nutrition Cluster work to jointly assess and analyse information, prioritize the interventions, build an evidence-based strategy and action plan, monitor the health situation and the health sector response, adapt/re-plan as necessary, mobilize resources and advocate for humanitarian health action.

Lead Agency: MoHMS – Ministry of Health & Medical Services 

  • Chairperson for the Health & Nutrition Cluster:
    • Dr Jemesa Tudravu
    • Email: | Phone: 990 6946
  • Coordinator/Secretary:
    • Ms Litia Vatuvoka, National Heath Emergency & Climate Change Coordinator
    • | Phone: 735 8202

Co-Lead Agencies:



Cluster Partners / Meeting Participants:

Next Meeting: TBC

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Sub-cluster Working Groups

The Health & Nutrition Cluster consists of the following seven sub-working groups.

Sub-Cluster Chair/s Designation Phone Email
1. Clinical Services Dr. Luke Nasedra Consultant/HOD Anaesthesia 3313444
2. Nutrition Ateca Kama Manager – NFNC

3. Public Health Intervention
(Surveillance & Response)


Dr. Aalisha Sahukhan Head Health Protection
 Head Research & Innovation
Vimal Deo Chief Health Inspector – Lead WASH Cluster 3215198
4. Family Health Dr Rachel Devi Head of Family Health
 5. Medical Supplies & Resources Mr. Jeremia Mataika Head FPBS 3388000
6. Communication Mr. Jone Nakaulevu Media Liaison Officer 3314988
7. Psycho-social Support & Mental Health Dr. Kiran Gaikwad MS Mental Health Services, St Giles Hospital 3381399
 Secretariat Ms. Litia Vatuvoka National Coordinator Health Emergencies & Climate Change 3306177