The Minister for Health and medical services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete welcomed and praised the hardwork of   Wheel chair foundation USA while receiving the new 110 wheechairs donation last Friday.

This donation has been spearheaded by Mr Chetan Singh Heyer of the of United States of America, former resident of Ba in Fiji, after working closely with Ministry of Health in identifying the need for wheelchairs in the country

To date an accumulated total of 550 wheelchairs has been handed over to Ministry since 2012 and this has been distributed to the Health facilities around the country for patient use and also to identified patients who are in need of such assistance.

While handing over the donation Mr Heyer expressed his satisfaction for being able to arrange for this assistance for the needy people of Fiji.

“This will give them mobility to move around and be productive and they do not have to depend on others. My message to them is to use the wheelchairs wisely”, Mr. Heyer said.

“I would like to thank the following people, Dr. Waqainabete, Current Minister of Health and Medical Services for accepting the current 110 wheelchairs, Dr. Neil Sharma, former Minister of Health Fiji, who arranged and pioneered this wheel chair project allowing medical aid to arrive tax free and storage till distributed. Jeremaia Mataika of Fiji Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Service Centre, Dr. Santokh Singh, Auckland NZ, Rotary and Lions Clubs, Lords Jeweler’s, Vodafone and many supporters in USA and Fiji”.

Hon. Waqainabete thanked each and every one who were involved in this project and assured them that the medical staff will take utmost care of these wheel chairs as this will assist the health department for many years.







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