Collaboration to continue between FNU and MOHMS

Collaboration to continue between FNU and MOHMS


Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Mr Philip Davies, addressed organisers and members of the FNU Pacific Islands Health Research Symposium (PIHRS) on 14th September at Holiday Inn, Suva. This was Mr Davies’ first address in Fiji, and he was enthused by the diverse symposium.

“It is encouraging to see the balance of topics,” remarked Mr Davies to FNU’s researchers. “Local researchers are in a unique space to explore not only relevant health issues, but the contributing environmental and social factors,” he said.

Chief Guest, Professor Nii-K Plange, mentioned the two-day symposium an opportunity for robust health research to improve health care service and delivery, and improve university curriculum.

The Permanent Secretary highlighted the importance of accurate and timely research to strengthen knowledgeable policy-making and is looking forward to the partnership of the Health Ministry with colleges and institutions of medicine and science.

Mr Davies commended researchers and further encouraged them to publish their work.