Fiji Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Services Centre (FPBS)

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FPBS provides Pharmaceutical services and leadership for the Ministry and the Government. This service has aligned itself to the strategic direction of the government to achieve the ultimatum goals, which is to improve the health outcomes in Fiji.


FPBS has a number of internal stakeholders including patients, workers, health care providers, health facilities and staff. FPBS also work closely with external stakeholders such as the Ministry of Finance, Fiji Commerce Commission, Tertiary Academic Institutions, Consumer Council, Police Department, wholesalers, Retail Pharmacies, Commercial Banks, Secretariat of the Pacific Commission and the Solicitor General’s Office along with international suppliers and organisations including WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA and the Global Fund.

Our Key Objectives are reflected in the National Medicinal Products Policy:

  1. To ensure the ready and reliable availability of good quality, acceptably safe and proven effective medicines at a price the individual and the community can afford.
  2. To rationalise the use of medicinal products through the provision of improved medicine utilisation information and training of health professionals and through education of the public about appropriate use.
  3. To support government policy directions through the delivery of pharmaceutical services.

The key areas of service are;

  1. Procurement and Supply Management – working with key stakeholders and managing supply chain activities for medical supplies needs for the Ministry
  2. Inspectorate and Regulatory Authority – administration and implementation of the Pharmacy Profession Decree and Medicinal Products Decree.
  3. Essential Medicines Authority – promotes quality use of medical products
  4. Institutional Pharmacy Services – oversee the deliverables of the Pharmacy services at facilities
  5. Bulk Purchase Scheme – a commercial entity that markets and sells to the private sector for selected medical products

FPBS has achieved the following awards for their work
2012 – Fiji Business Excellence Award Recipient – Commitment Award
2013 – Fiji Business Excellence Award Recipient – Achievement Award


List of Pharmacists

Medicine Donation Policy

Prequalification for supply of Medicines

Drug Use Evaluation Report

Application for Amendments to existing Treatment Guidelines

Fiji Essential Medicines List – 4th Edition – 2015

Fiji Illicit Drug Act 2004

Fiji National Medicinal Products Policy 2013

Fiji Pharmaceutical Sector Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Fiji National Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan 2015

Fiji Medicinal Products Decree 2011

Drug Use Evaluation Report – Colistin 2016

Drug Use Evaluation Report – Meropenem 2014

Pharmacy Profession Decree 2011

Tender Documents

CTN117-2015 Purchase of Medical Imaging Consumable for MOHMS

Tender Documents for Consumables

EOI Prequalification

CTN 58-18

CTN 57-18

CTN 59-18

CTN 62-18


FPBS is located at Lot 1 Jerusalem Road,
Nabua, Suva
Ph: [679] 3388000
Fax: [679] 3388000

For email enquiries;

Chief Pharmacist Office
Warehouse Operations
Purchasing Unit
Bulk Purchase Scheme
Fiji Pharmacy Profession Board Secretariat
Medicinal Products Board Registrar