Overseas Medical Treatment


Considering seeking medical treatment abroad? This checklist will guide you through the necessary documents required for submission to Fiji’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Before you start:
•  Confirm that the treatment you require is not available in Fiji.
•  Ensure to collect all necessary documents, as incomplete applications will not be considered.


Required Documents:

1.  Medical Report:
•    Written by a local consultant or specialist. Medical reports from a registrar will need to be approved by a consultant or Senior Specialist.
•    The following information needs to be outlined in the Medical Report.
•    Problem Lists, History and Primary Diagnosis and Final Diagnosis of the patient.
•    Clearly state the type of treatment that the patient requires is not available locally and that patient is recommended for overseas treatment.
•    Clearly state the patient’s prognosis or health condition after the recommended treatment.
•    Please submit any investigation results (Scans, Xray’s, Blood Tests etc.) from your treating doctor.
•    Please show this section to your doctor. Medical reports that do not adhere to or encompass the above- mentioned criteria will automatically render the application incomplete.

2. Financial Details:

If employed:

•    Recent pay slip.
•    Last 3 months’ bank statements (all bank accounts you own).
•    Recent FNPF Interim Statement.
•    Health insurance statement (if applicable).

If married with working children: Same documents required from spouse, children, and anyone financially supporting you.

If you have financial commitments: Provide proof of loans, rent, hire purchase etc. (e.g., statements, receipts).

Note: that everyone that is earning an income in your households needs to submit the above required documents.

3.   Request/Application Letter:
(Written by you or a family member applying on your behalf)
•     Briefly explain your family background (marital status, children, occupation).
•     Details of you and your family’s income.
•     Mention if your family can contribute to treatment costs.
•     Include your residential address, phone number, and postal address.

4.   Statutory Declaration: A sworn statement confirming the truthfulness of your application. (needs to be certified by a Justice of Peace)

5.   Passport Biodata Page: Copies for both you and your travel companion (if applicable).

6.   Photocopied IDs (one page):
•     FNPF & TIN Joint card (or Letter)
•     Voter registration card (or Social Welfare letter)
•     Social Welfare Card or Letter if you or anyone in the family is receiving Social Welfare assistance)
•     All copies of vaccination Cards or Vaccination Certificate.

7.   Birth and Marriage Certificates (if married): Copies required. (for everyone in the household)

8.   1 x Passport Photo of the Patient and the accompanying persons.

Note that everyone that is earning an income in your households needs to submit the above required documents.


Important Notes:
•   Documents 2 to 7 need to be certified by a Justice of Peace (JP).
•   Applications are submitted to:

By Mail (addressed to):
Overseas Referral Committee,
Ministry of Health & Medical Services,
Level 3 Dinem House,
Amy Street, TOORAK.

By Email:


•  Upon receipt of your application, the Ministry will notify you and may schedule an appointment.
•  The Ministry retains the authority to validate all documents. Any applicant found to be falsifying information will face rejection of their application and may be subject to investigation by the appropriate authorities.
•   Processing takes 3-4 weeks, with updates provided on the application status.
•   For clarity regarding financial assistance, it is important to note that the Ministry is not responsible for any expenses incurred or payments made before receiving formal approval and executing a signed agreement.


For Additional Inquiries, Please Contact:

Mr. Jone Nakautoga
Phone: 330 6177
Email: jone.nakautoga@health.gov.fj

Ministry of Health and Medical Services.
G. P. O. Box 2223 SUVA