Community Joins Walk

Community Joins Walk


Last Saturday, the Westpac Bank and Ministry of Health & Medical Services hosted the first Westpac Walk of the year. Participants included Corrections, FNU, and the Flying Fijians 15s Team.

Students and faculty from Fiji National University hosted the warm up, shared the benefits of exercise, and explained how to determine if one is at risk of NCD’s using body measurements.

“To determine if you are at risk of cardiovascular illnesses, divide your height by the circumference of your waist. For men, the ratio should be within 1 cm, for women, the ratio should be within .8 cm” cautioned Dr Akinremi of FNU.

In the past, the Westpac Walk was each quarter, but now they will be hosted every trimester. The event is free of charge. Keep an eye out for the next Westpac walk near you!