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Health Ministry Farewells Korean Advisors


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Health Ministry Farewells Korean Advisors

Last week, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services farewell four of its Senior KOICA advisors upon the successful completion of yearlong attachment under the Korean Overseas Cooperation Agency (KOICA) program.

Dr. Chan Bae Chun and Dr. Kim Daeseon   were attached to the Ministry of Health Headquarters while Mr Kim Sang Yong and Mr. Seong-Ha Park were attached to Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical services contributing enormously to the public health system in terms of expertise in Health Systems, Research publications, Logistics and Warehouse management.

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services health personnel have also benefited from assistance provided by the Korean government with a number of Fiji nationals have undertaken specialist training in Korea while Korean Nationals continue to serve in Fiji as Volunteers under the KOICA program.

The Ministry of Health & Medical services, representative from its Headquarters, Dr. Eric Rafai thanked and acknowledged their contributions that had added value to the work culture and relationships within the Ministry, in addition to providing expert advice on health systems development and efficient health service delivery.

Director FPBS Mr. Jeremaia Mataika also echoed similar sentiments saying that a lot has been learnt from them as they have set up good practices in improving services at Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical services Centre. They have also contributed in the improvement of the staff facilities at Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical services Centre.

“They did a marvelous work during their stay here and we certainly learnt a lot from them and we will continue from where they have left so the level of service are not compromised,” Mr. Mataika said.

The Senior volunteers admittedly have learnt a lot about Fiji and shared some wise reflections on their experiences such as the need for our workers to ‘be on time and value time in the work place’ and ‘keeping promises’ on appointments, in addition to note the positive atmosphere we exist in such as ‘how there is no physical fights in the workplace’ and about a ‘less stressful environment’.