Health Ministry holds first public Health Consultations in the central division

Health Ministry holds first public Health Consultations in the central division.


The Ministry of Health and Medical First ever public health consultation was held at the Nausori Health Centre with the overwhelming support from the people of Rewa.

These public consultations serve the platform where the people have the opportunity to discuss with the health authorities on the services provided by the health facilities.

While Addressing the public The Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar said that the Ministry is fully committed in improving the health services and is ready to listen to the grievances of the people.

“”We have come to you to listen to the problems you face while visiting the health Facilities and we will do our level best to address them”, said Mrs Bhatnagar.

“We do understand that not everything can be addressed overnight but we will definitely look into your concerns and find the best solutions so that the people can get the appropriate treatment’, added Mrs Bhatnagar.

It was also established that some members of the public were not aware of the procedures and services offered at the Health facilities.

Mrs Bhatnagar has reminded the health staff to be more vigilant in the awareness program so that the public have adequate knowledge of the health system.

Meanwhile, more consultations are will be conducted in future and the public is reminded to take full benefit of such programs.